First Snow

All you summer lovers better close your eyes because this post has some serious snow photos.  Finally earlier this week we had our first snow event.  I sat inside in the afternoon and watched big fat flakes fall while chatting with my daughter on the phone.  Later while cooking dinner, I glanced outside again and saw the snow on the ground.  Unbelievable and so beautiful.

The first snowfall reminds me of childhood and wishing for a snow day and staying home from school, the nearness of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and the serene quiet that accompanies cold weather.  I am blessed in that I do not suffer from the darkness that descends with the time change.  I love the cozy feeling and the hibernating effect.

All of this snow melted before I went to bed on the same day, but while it was there, ah - I was happy. 

Thank you for you words of wisdom on self imposed deadlines.  I sometimes need an attitude check and your comments helped ease me away from the fretting.  I took a deep breath and I'm placing a marker whenever I start a new day of knitting on the shawl/scarf and I see my progress.  I will have a good estimate of when I will be finished in a few more days.  Phew!

oak leaves + snow = beauty

I've had the chance to wear wool every single day this week because of the weather - I start off with cowls, I need more by the way.  I'll be casting one on after I finish all the holiday knitting.  My shawls I tend to wear when the true winter season arrives. 

this morning's sunrise
 Later this morning I'll be at the gym for the third time this week.  I like my personal trainer, he's funny and smart.  I am feeling more comfortable in the weight room as well.  I am shocked at how noodle-y my arms are though.  I won't go into my abdominal area.... that is a zone that is on 'high priority' to aid my back. 

I like having someone telling me what to do and taking all the thinking out of what to do.  Also at each session, he fixes my 'form' which tends to be a slouchy back.  Again, all good health stuff for what I've been dealing with.  My RA is doing well so my worries of a potential flare have lessened with each session.

I joke all the time to him that I'm inherently lazy and I'm at the gym so I can continue to sit and knit (TRUTH!).

I've been obsessed with buying exercise clothes, mostly on-line since the last time I bought exercise clothes was in the 1990's ...  I have a great affinity to stretchy pants!  They have improved over the last 20 years.  I need more in my life.

I am happy I took that step of taking charge of my health.  If you waffling about a healthy choice, I say do it!!


  1. I would love a snowy day as long as I don’t have to get behind the wheel. It would be lovely to watch the snow with some knitting and a cuppa. I love the workout pants from Lucy. So happy your workouts are going well.

  2. Oh I'm like you - I love the coziness of this time of year. And those photos are SOOOOO nice! I have reverse SAD - I get it in the summer.

    Hooray for your gym time helping you and keeping the RA at bay. :-)

  3. Look at you with a gym bag all packed and ready! We've only had flurries, so seeing your snow is lovely. I just got back from a walk and was thrilled that I needed wool hat, cowl, mittens, and socks in the blustery wind and cold. Definitely knitter's weather!

  4. I had a personal trainer when I lived in Orlando. Isn't it amazing what they can get you to do??? LOL

    I'm so glad that it is helping you to feel better.

    Your snow was very pretty, especially the photo of the snow on the oak leaves. We are going down below freezing tonight, but no snow (at least not yet).

  5. I can certainly affirm your view on exercise. It is life changing... it the best kind of way. Lovin' that hat!! The snow is so beautiful, but it is the "quietness" of it that I love best of all. ;) Keep on keeping on!! I'm cheering you all the way! blessings ~ tanna

  6. HEy that stitchmarker idea is brilliant. Then you can SEE the progress. I love the snow. I just dont like cold rain. It was 30s yesterday but sunny so it was lovely in my book.

  7. Such pretty pictures. Love the sighting of snow. I, too, enjoy this time of year - dining by candlelight, wrapping up in a shawl to chase the chill. The air so crisp and fresh. Glad to hear your gym work is helping and that your RA is at bay. YAY! I wear a lot of leggings and yoga-type pants. Love them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. We are having our first snow today... no accumulation yet. But it is magical. Happy Weekend, Karen!

  9. Feeling better and knitting more are two very worthy goals. As far as I am concerned, the snow can stay away, although the ski industry would not be happy to hear me say that.

  10. Thanks for sharing the snow scenes. No snow here yet but it is definitely cold. My walks this week have called for more and more knits. Today two cowls - a little inside one and the wrap around your neck several times on the outside. Late autumn is a good season.

  11. The snow looks so nice sprinkled onto your lawn and the trees! that's great you are going to the gym, I need to get back into my workout schedule, I have been a little lazier since the summer ended haha

  12. Isn't it wonderful, having your daughter and son-in-law closer now, Karen? You must love it. : ) Reading about your progress at the gym makes me think that maybe I should consider doing the same. I really do need help with my non-existent abdominal muscles! It's just that I dread it so, I never liked ab exercises, even when I could do them, LOL! Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Sitting here, freezing to death this morning (woke up to discover the temp had dropped into the low 20's - Very unusual for this time of year,) and thinking about how glad I am that the sun popped out before the temperature dropped & that it's not still raining. As much as I LOVE to watch it snow, I'm not ready for any frozen stuff this early in the season.

    Have fun at the gym. An enjoyable trainer can make SO much difference!

  14. I love cosy days, snowy or otherwise. I adore winter and all that it brings and it means I can light fires and candles - one of winters small joys.

  15. Kudos on the gym thing! Love the snow, but not now please. Still prefer warmth for some reason. Deadlines, I know them well, I set them for myself ALL. THE. TIME! Relax, you got this.

  16. You are doing such a great job taking care of yourself. One of my doctors always reminds me to put on my own oxygen mask first!
    How lovely that you've had snow. Northern Wisconsin has gotten quite a bit, but it's still just autumn in the south.
    As much as I love winter, I do regret the loss of sunlight.

  17. Look at your cute Nike's! You go on going to the gym. My husband wanted to join one but I didn't want to because it had no hip hop classes, LOL. Although sometimes such a place would be good to go to on really cold or rainy days. I'm the type that needs a variety. I had fun riding my bike but the chain broke and the bike's size really wasn't appropriate for me.


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