Sweater Progress

I've successfully finished the body of the valley cardigan!  At first I was worried about the hand dyed look since there is quite a difference in shades of color, but I really really like it now that it's all knitted up. This project has taken me quite some time and I think it is because I keep starting other projects and placing this cardigan aside. I love to start big projects but my attention span seems to waiver. Yesterday I casted on the first sleeve (after a six day break....).  I did decide to keep to the original pattern and make the cuffs for the sleeve.  I'm quite excited knowing that I am very close to the end.

A dear sweet friend gave me a knitting present, which is the best kind of present to get.  The last photo is a fun tape measure (or is it a measurer?), I think she bought it at a yarn shop near or in Ithaca NY.  Not too sure about that.  So of course I am looking for things to measure ;) 


  1. Congratulations on starting your sleeves...I want to start sleeve! I am so tired of knitting my cardi that I thought was such a great idea in the beginning, now...not so much. One row at a time right?
    Thanks for the name of a chicken..we now have one named Chicken Little.

  2. Your cardigan is turning out just gorgeous! I love the style. I too like to have one large knitting project going while I detour to projects I can finish quickly. Can't wait to see it all finished!

    Oh, and I love the gift. What a great friend!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. What a beautiful cardigan. It's coming along so nicely. I wish I could knit garments faster. Socks yes, sweaters no! Yours is beautiful!


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