Another February Baby Sweater

This is my eighth known baby sweater according to Ravelry.  I've knit this sweater pre ravelry so I know there are others about.  Each time I make this sweater, I forget some stuff and then I alter some directions to make it as seamless as possible.

I knit the wee little sleeves in the round and ingeniously picked up through the back edge the stitches that create the body...if you were sitting beside me you would be able to see what I did.  So I guess you'll have to trust me when I say, I'm sometimes a genius!

However this sometimes a genius made some rookie mistakes and started the yoke three times!  Yes, I was not in my knitting zen state of mind.  Oh well, lucky for me, I caught the mistake and righted the wrong. Phew.

The other little glitch was I dived into deep stash (again pre-ravelry days) and started the sweater not reading the content of the yarn.  I thought I was knitting with a blend but nope,  I was knitting with 100% cotton which is not kind to my hands or my arthritis.

I'm so happy I powered through the knitting and was eternally thankful for my RA being under control.

Ravelry notes are here


  1. LOVE! The light pink is sweet and I like how you used contrasting buttons. I like that blue; it's like a vintage robin's egg blue.

  2. "Love the color way, do you feel like you have a super power while wearing them??" I'll ask the husband, Karen. Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and reactions. Hugs to you and Frodo.

  3. Oh and I hope you finish your book today; it looks like a heavy tale.

  4. It is adorable, love the buttons a beautiful contrast to the pink. Glad to hear your RA is under control.

  5. now thats and incredible heirloom quality gift sweater

  6. That's a really cute sweater! And, kudos for all those buttonholes! Boy, you are really ahead of the game if that's for a February baby! Kudos again!

  7. so cute!!! cotton is a good choice for baby....but I HATE knitting with it cause it's hard on MY hands, and I don't suffer with RA. (A little osteo...but .....) What a trooper you are sticking with it to the very beautiful end!!

  8. Looks great! Well worth a few days of sore hands. ....From my point of view at least. :)

  9. So very sweet! I have a wee sweater you knit for my almost two year old packed away with the rest of the baby treasures :)

    1. B, I am so very jealous that you have a Karen original! : ) Alas, I am too old to have babies...

      Karen, this is beautiful! You did one recently with duck buttons, didn't you? I love the Robin's Egg Blue! xx

  10. That little sweater is so sweet.

  11. Darling sweater. Am going to your Rav page now to see your notes.

  12. So so cute!! Love the contrast between the simple garter stitch yoke and the intricate lace!


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