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My knitting progress has been minimal this week, I'll blame the crazy events from last week.  Sounds good?  Yep.  While my babysitting toddler was napping, I picked up the hat on the needles, eager to get to the fun part of the pattern and realized I was on the wrong needle size.  So I ripped that out and started all over again (with the right needles...).  So today, I will be getting to the pattern portion of that hat!

I am so close to casting off the body of my cardigan.  Only two rows to go!  The sleeves will be a breeze after knitting the body.  I love sleeve knitting and I know I am in the minority.  Did I tell you I'll be making this sweater for my sister for her birthday?

In a few weeks, I'll be swatching for my son-in-law's sweater.  That will be exciting, I just need to confirm which pattern he likes best.  I've been sending lots of links and getting his feedback.  His sweater will be in worsted weight - the chunkiest yarn I will knit up and super speedy.

What are you knitting?


  1. I don't know that I would get any knitting done with babysitting and a far-away child having surgery! Your cardigan is really lovely; the color always looks different (gray, bluish-green, greenish-gray) in photos, but always beautiful. Now that you have the right needles, I bet you'll finish that hat quickly!

  2. you make such beautiful things! Sorry I missed your last post! that would of been really stressful! A Mother's heart has to bear a lot sometimes! God bless you and your family!

  3. I finally put some more rows on the shawl, Cameo Flowers from Knitty. But the rows are sooooo long now it takes forever to knit 1 row! I am 2 rows from the beginning of the border filigree. Can't wait for this to be done just because I want it off my needles! Hopefully the color will grow on me once I am finished.

  4. Not that I am making much progress, but I have three socks on the needles. I'm loving all of them. So, I'm not in a rush to get them done.

    Happy knitting!

  5. I was heartened to read that your daughter's doing well after her emergency appendectomy. I know that was a tough time for you...and yes, thanks for technology in times like those. Continued great recovery.

  6. Love your cardigan. That will be so cozy when finished. The other yarn...for the hat I really pretty too.

  7. Never easy knitting when little ones are around, even when they are sleeping. I now have a blanket on the hook.

  8. Hope by now your daughter is on the mend; it's had when things like that happen so far away. Love your newest projects, especially that very light turquoise one. Is that the sweater? Great photo, too, of your finished Never Ending Blanket! It did end, and it's wonderful!

    1. the dark color is a hat the light color is a sweater and the photo isn't showing a true color of either, I rushed to take a photo!

  9. Your knitting looks lovely even though progress is slow. Life and knitting are like that some times. The sweater is going to be pretty. What a sweet sister you are. Same old knitting here - a Flax sweater that may be warm but too big and a pair of vanilla socks. More complex projects await new spectacles. Soon, I hope.

  10. I knit a sweater for my Sister Michelle a few years ago. She loves that thing! I have the same sweater with a similar colorway. I am loving knitting with worsted weight now. Even a mistake row is not a big deal. So easy to TINK back on big yarn and needles!

  11. I have cast on for a bonnie bear for my wee one's first birthday next month.

  12. I like these colors you are working with. I got a few items done - hoorah. I may try to blog this week.


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