On the Other Side

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been taking care of a pulled back muscle since Monday.  Yep, same place that I pulled in October 2017 that led me to join the gym.  I can easily fall down the negative thinking spiral of 'why again' or 'gee the gym is supposed to prevent this'. 

However, let me tell you a secret.  I did something quite stupid that caused the back strain.  You see, I bent over and lifted a container of cat litter ALL the wrong ways.  I was taught better and yet I fell back to old habits.  This was last Friday, I felt a little something in my back but nothing else happened.  I felt invincible and lucky.

Then I moved a piece of paper on Monday morning - wham-o!

This is the part of aging that bugs me. 

In my youth, I could twist and turn and abuse my body in all sorts of contortions imaginable.  The nuns at my high school would reprimand my sitting habits.  I would sit on a foot with my leg crossed, like a compact pretzel.  I still will go to that position occasionally!  They (the nuns) would declare that it's bad for my posture.  I was young, I didn't care.  I could do anything.  And so I did.

I took for granted my agility and flexibility.  As a teenager, I was amused when my dad would pull his back and wonder how that could happen.  Now I am on the other side - I am my dad, with a pulled muscle - thankfully I do not have a youngster judging me. 

Here's the positives - yes!  I have positives - remember I am changing the dialogue in my aging brain.  I truly believe that the gym has given me a speedy recovery.  Instead of six weeks of pain that I endured in October 2017.  I am feeling much better after five days, I'm weaned off Tylenol and I feel all the other muscles helping my back.  Core muscles do good things - I have them now.

This morning, I was able to sit at the kitchen table and cross my legs without a spasm.  Life is GOOD.  Having this set back makes me so thankful for the exercising I do.  Being able to sit is something wonderful and maybe tonight I will be able to sit and knit.

I haven't knit much this week.

I'm grateful for heating pads, Tylenol and going to bed while breathing out a collective sigh of contentment.  I am also never ever again picking up the cat litter container the wrong way, lesson learned.

My personal trainer is magical and knowledgeable, he had me do some isolated stretches on Tuesday and we are slowly getting back to where I was last week.  Investing in my health helps me be able to sit and knit. 

Anyways, we are heading for some super crazy heat wave.  Yikes.  I will be either in the pool or inside my house with the AC. 

The day lilies in the first photo remind me of my mother.  I remember all of us as a family driving to our grandmother's cottage in the country for a weekend getaway and my dad stopped the car so my mom could pick the day lilies. This time of the year, they grow wild along the country roads and remind me of summers past.

The Frodo and Holly saga continues to slowly improve.  The house is quiet most of the time and the confrontations are fewer.  He still runs up to her and barks at her.  She still hisses and tries to run away.  Silly animals. 

knitting with black yarn - eep!
 If I am able, I'm planning to read a lot, knit a lot and eat some summery dinners.  Let's hope my sitting and knitting is abundant this weekend.  Hope you have some fun weekend plans!

this store is out of business, how very sad


  1. Glad your back is improving faster this time - that is great news. Swimming should be good for it too, I would think. Your weekend plans sound like mine. Stay out of the heat!!!

    Our daylilies are just beginning to open (yellow and orange). I love that line "investing in my health" - what a great way to look at it. Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you are doing OK - funny how one little thing can start a waterfall, so to speak!

    I'm guessing that Holly and Frodo think they are best friends by now. :-)

  3. I hope your back continues to improve; be careful with that cat litter and pieces of paper! :-) I am also on the other side along with my sil. She and I laugh at the various silly ways we have pulled our backs. She is a dr. and has injured her back by reaching for some gauze squares, and my latest back spasm started when I reached for a lime in the produce section. Enjoy your lovely cool pool!

  4. Glad to read that you are feeling better.

    I just went through a bout of "aging" blues last night. Well, I suppose it is better than the alternative.

  5. Glad your back is on the mend! Our daylilies have just started to bloom; they are orange, just like yours. Have a good weekend, free of pain!

  6. I know dark yarn is a challenge but I LOVE your progress. Id be IN That pool. Knitting!

  7. I am planning to spend time with some extended family members and then Diva and I are going to a concert, a loud music, I am too old for this crowd, concert. But I love Paramore, so I am in!

  8. Your poor back, but yeh for a quicker recovery. Knitting and sunshine, good for the soul xx

  9. Hooray for a faster recovery. A trainer or therapist who knows what they are doing is so helpful. Sometimes just tweeking a little stretch makes all the difference. Crazy hot here so we will be close to home. Enjoy that cool refreshing pool. I hope the weekend holds some knitting time for you.

  10. Hoping for a speedy recovery! We just added a puppy to our mix of a dog and three cats which makes life a little nutty but also full of laughter. Soak in all of that Vitamin D!

  11. I find your work on your health to be really inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing, it's really encouraging!

  12. Yay for the benefits of workout ! Hope you'll survive the heatwave ( I am not much of a summer type and glad we usually have it reasonable here )

  13. Hoping your back has continued to improve ... there are many wonderful things about getting older, but living in an aging body is not one of them! Your pool looks inviting ... we'll be enjoying air conditioning indoors this weekend.

  14. Good to hear you are mending. I hope you are able to get back to knitting but reading is a great alternative. I’m trying to stay positive about this heat wave. We have a cool house and cold drinks. But honestly, I am not a fan of any weather over 85 degrees.

  15. Yikes! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope you're able to get lots of swimming (it's great for the back!) and knitting done during the heat wave.

  16. So glad you are feeling better, bad backs are so horrible. If it makes you feel better I threw mine out so bad when I was in my mid 30"s I could not even stand up. I ended up getting shots it was so horrible. That has not happened again and I am 53!

  17. It is the exercise we do that helps getting back to where we want/need to be easier and faster. Happy to hear you've recovered quickly. Since Mylo has come to live here I have been spending more time on the floor. In two weeks I am more agile than I've been the last couple of years because I HAVE to be to play with puppy! At least I've been able to get down and up without mishap. LOL

  18. Just catching up Karen so sorry to hear about your back but thankful for you that it is healing quickly. Wishing you a pain free and restful weekend.

  19. I'm sorry you pulled that same muscle. I'm glad you're still seeing your trainer who is helping you. My mum pulled something and is using a back brace. She's slowly getting better. Would yoga help you as well?


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