Sunflower Field


This was my first week back to babysitting and while I was excited to get back into my schedule, the newness of the schedule along with my anxiety exhausted me.  I am glad to be back to work.  The Toddler Girl and her family moved further away so my drive has changed.  Look at the view above outside the living room - what brilliance!  She is exercising her terrible two-ness, I do not miss that developmental age at all.

The Toddler Girl calls me Miss Karen (unless she's mad then it's just Karen).  Her non-stop talking is delightful and most of the times I understand what she is talking about, other times I just pretend to know what she is talking about.  She was afraid of the grasshopper (I don't blame her) so I snapped a photo for her to look at closely without being close.  She likes to ride her tricycle and collect sticks.  She doesn't know what she wants when she is tired.

On my drive to work, I pass a gorgeous sunflower field.  So much beauty - and yes, I did stop the car and got out and took some photos.  I wasn't going to do that but I knew I would regret the impulsiveness of the photo opportunity.

I'm still battling anxiety, but life is throwing me little life preservers of friendships and encouraging words from so many people and that helps.  My family doctor also has also been wonderful. Thank you so much for keeping me in prayers or sending positive thoughts.   

We received bad news on Monday that my father in law fell down the stairs, broke his hip and several ribs and sustained a serious head injury.  So daily we wait for updates from his brother while he is in ICU.

Pray for him and my mother in law.

Holly with messy fur
 Guess what?  I'm married 31 years this week!  I know, it's a long time - some of you are married longer than me.  We plan to go out this weekend since work was a little crazy for both of us this week.

Call me crazy, but I decorated for fall.  I needed to change my scenery and make that glorious season arrive sooner than later.  If I am not in control of the weather inside, I am in control of the decorations inside.  My house looks super cozy.

I finished reading Sing Unburied Sing,  a must read book if you ask me.  It was not an easy read but gosh the writing was fantastic.  I started reading  The Bat and have no opinion since I just started reading.  I'm nearly done with a Louise Penny book, The Long Way Home

I hope you have a delightful fun weekend ahead!


  1. Those sunflowers are amazing! I love sunflowers. Will add your father in law and family to my prayers. This season of aging parents is a tough one. Sending you prayers of peace.

  2. Happy anniversary! Thirty-one years is certainly something to celebrate! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I'm glad you stopped to take those sunflower field photos; they are beautiful! I'm sending positive, healing thoughts to you and your FiL, along with Happy Anniversary wishes. I hope your weekend is a good one so you can rest up for work with your two-year-old next week.

  4. Those sunflowers are lovely! I love sunflowers, they always make me smile. I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law, I will be sure to send light his way.

  5. I hope you have a better week and that your father-in-law recovers quickly. I hope you are knitting to help ease the anxiety....that helps me. Sunflowers are beautiful!

  6. Sending all my love and prayers and will pray for you and your FIL at Mass this weekend. (PS: Yay for 31 years! And, I just bought fall scented hand lotion--understand the need for something different than summer!) ~ Jill M.

    1. thank you Jill and anything fall scented is AWESOME!

  7. Im exhausted too from watching kids, thank goodness its Friday! I hate anxiety! I went through several months of horrible anxiety. What helped me was lots of walking and 'leaning into it', meaning instead of trying to push it away, I leaned into it, oh and meditation to slow my thoughts down. Good luck, will keep you in my prayers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wow, 31 years! That's wonderful. Sorry to read about your FIL. I hope he heals smoothly and they're keeping him comfortable. My firstborn used to scream and howl in her room while kicking the wall during her terrible two's. The younger one just stomped her feet while she walked. She was easier at that age but thankfully because she howled every time I used to put her down as a baby so this mama had to carry her everywhere.

  9. Lovely blog! I'm frowning thinking of your anxiety. I am a clinical social worker and so many of the clients I work with are anxious. And, I'm anxious myself. Feel free to send me an email should you wish to tell me more about it. Rosemary

  10. The sunflowers remind me of where I grew up........Kansas. It's the state flower. What a smart idea to take a ohoto of the grasshopper for your wee charge to look at. Prayers for your FIL and all you in the family. I hope your anxiety eases this coming week.

  11. Happy Anniversary. Photographing the grasshopper for your little charge is a great idea. Two year olds can be so mercurial although I found three more challenging than two with one of mine. Beautiful sunflowers to. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way. It is so difficult to watch parents age.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Each year is special. I love the picture of Holly viewing her domain! :) I'm sure that starting out with a new work schedule at the same time you are stressed over other things can make it a bit hard to wind down. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law falling. Praying for him right now...and you. :)

  13. Happy anniversary ! On to another 31 loving years ! :)
    The sunflowers look lovely, thanks for taking the time to photograph. I had gotten sunflower seeds to grow my own this year on my balcony, but due to a renovation, they will have to wait till next year.. and I love the look of them.
    I am sorry to hear about your father in law, I hope he will recover well.

  14. Sunflowers are always so amazing when amassed together. I had no idea sunflowers grew in fields like that? I now wonder why? Cutting? Does this variety have seeds? Just beautiful, nonetheless! So sorry to hear of your f-i-ls fall. It is hard to when your worry is so far away. Happy Anniversary! May you have a wonderful celebration!

  15. Congratulations on 31 years. That is a real accomplishment.
    Keep us posted on your FIL's progress. Falls are so scary for the elderly.
    I love the photos of the sunflowers. Pure joy!

  16. Love those sunflowers, and thanks for stopping to take the photo. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration. So sorry to hear about your FIL's fall; hope he heals totally and quickly! Hugs, too!

  17. The sunflowers are beautiful. I'm glad you stopped to capture them and then shared them with us. Happy anniversary to you and your husband.

    And please accept my sympathy over the loss of your father-in-law. We'll be thinking of you and your family.

  18. hope your fil is much better by now..beautiful sunflowers, they sure brighten the day..


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