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Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my blog post on creativity   I enjoyed reading all of your experiences with fostering creativity in your daily lives.  Don't you wish we could all get together, sit and create?  That would be neat.

Today's post is feathering out that creative post.  Adding more details and exploring what inspires me. 

As a knitter, I have been the kind of person who buys yarns because I like them.  I consider them my 'palette' to choose from when I am making new projects.  I rarely buy a pattern then seek a yarn, it happens but not very often.

I tend to enter a yarn store and see what strikes my fancy.  I love fingering weight wool and lately I've been stocking up on DK wool  I tend to pick indie dyers or locally sourced wool when I'm on vacation.  I go in spurts when I purchase yarn - definitely more so in the fall and winter because those are the seasons for wool wearing.

I have at my fingertips many choices to create, I'm grateful. 

I've learned that even though bright bold colorful wools are nice, the neutrals are just as nice and tend to be timeless when lingering in the yarn stash.

When I'm walking outside, I'll see bright orange leaves or winter wheat silhouetted against white snow.  The colors in nature lead me to think about knitting projects.  I'm hoping walking outside will carry over to sketching and more art skills too. 

oak leave!
 One of my favorite inspirations is a big bag of odds and ends of wools from previous projects.  So many possibilities, color combinations.  Also, a hat is such a small, fast project to try colors together.  I make some great pairings and some not so great pairings.  The not so great pairings I rip out.

yes, it's another hat

Are you on instagram?  If not, you should be - that is a great place to be inspired.  I follow knitters and other creative people.  Oh the photos, the ideas, the beauty of a snapped moment of a camera.  All at my fingertips. 

a finished hat!
 I finished the red and gray hat last night.  It seems to be the right size this time around using my best guestimate measuring. 

What inspires you?


  1. I love the hat, love your creativity, and I love your joy with yarn, knitting and creating. I think you are inspiring!

  2. Very joyful thoughts here, Karen. Of course picking out wool is definitely fun and full of smiles. I tend to not jump on the bandwagon when it comes to patterns; the inner rebel in me screams NO! And I pick out what I like, especially what catches my eye over and over again. Yeah, when I'm on holiday I try to buy a brand I know I never see in the city or an indie dyer. It's usually sock yarn though because I know I can knit a full pair of socks w/it. I have so many single skeins in other weights that they limit my knitty vision.

  3. Oh and I hope your book picks up for you. I need to finish my two, library ones and I have a few more I just checked out.

  4. Another hat finish! Hooray. I walk in my neighborhood almost daily. The colors in the sky are one of my inspirations for knitting projects. I think the spirit of creativity needs to be nourished with peace and beauty. Another thing that has been helping me with my writing practice is a spot of meditation each morning before I begin. It helps calm and empty my mind of the noise of the world or senseless worries.

  5. I am inspired by the ever changing landscape here on this Island, even the weather can dictate the colour of the moor all natural colours that merge together. It is inspirational. The sea is also a feast and is constantly changing. It is one of the reasons I love Harris Tweed as it reflects the natural beauty of this beautiful place that I call home.

  6. oh that hat turned out beautifully! my favorite inspiration is a walk outside. the fresh air and the colors, the exercise and, if I'm lucky to be walking with a friend, personal connection, are a great source of ideas and energy to put those ideas into action.

  7. I loved hearing more about your creativity and inspiration.

  8. Love the hats! I need to get back to my challenge since I am woefully behind.

  9. Love the photos you took of nature and the leaves changing colors to orange. I am inspired by seeing what others do a lot of the time by reading blogs, looking at Instagram, and also sometimes just knitting a favorite project over and over. The seasons definitely inspire me and when it gets colder here in Canada in Fall and Winter I tend to want to knit cozier projects and use thicker yarn and in Summer lightweight yarns. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Nature is a wonderful place to find color inspiration, especially this time of year (and spring). Your stash sounds like the perfect place to find loads of inspiration and joy!

  11. Others blogs sure inspire me! I get so many ideas from all of you. I also like pinterest I try to have the pattern in mind before I buy the yarn. Except...when Im at a wool festival. Thens all bets are off

  12. I am very much like you in that nature inspires me. I find that some of my more creative ideas bloom when I am out walking Popeye. I also am so inspired by all the creative folk I see on Instagram!

  13. IG is such a great place for beauty, inspiration and sharing life! :) I think the memories of things I have knitted being loved inspires me to keep creating! :)


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