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Oh, my knitting productivity has been grand, partly because the knitting projects are mostly short and sweet.  I also think I'm motivated by the beautiful fall weather.  I wish summer made me this happy but I guess I should be grateful for autumn and all of its glory. 

The top photo is another finished hat - I am finished with this hat pattern and using up the wool stash of odds and ends, for now.  Knitting for others creates joy and happiness in my heart.

The purple hat is finished and will be given to my sister for Christmas.  I do love this pattern (made three last year!).  If you are familiar with knitting in the round, want to try cables and try double pointed needles for creating the decreasing at the top of the hat, give this pattern a try.  Oh, there is chart reading too.

The shawl is making steady progress, hopefully all the riot of color will even out when the lace section starts.  I do love green and purple together!

While sitting with my mother in law, I needed an easy cowl pattern.  I could not knit another one with the previous pattern, so I'm making a simple purl/knit block pattern.  Easy peasy and I love it!

What are you knitting or creating today?


  1. I hope someday I am able to knit as fast as you do, Karen! I love all the projects you are working on. I am steadily working away on the scarf I posted on Instagram. It is for my daughter's partner, Dan, for Christmas. Fingers crossed that I finish in time! : )

  2. What a great knitting update ... but curious if you've got your eyes/thoughts on another sweater?! or has gift knitting taken over until December?

  3. The bottom cowl looks so classic. Very pretty and it looks so soft!

    It's scrappy blanket day here.

  4. The cream cowl is such a classic and will be a wonderful Winter warmer that can be popped on with anything, beautiful.

  5. So many people will be so warm this Christmas because of your knitting!

  6. Today is for knitting a baby sweater and cutting and sewing quilt tops! As it is raining, I do not need to venture out. All the projects look wonderful!!

  7. I like that purple beanie and how its color is showcased in that simple and nice stitch pattern. I'll be working on a sock today, probably my pumpkin one first to get it to its heel.

  8. As usual, all of your knitting is lovely. I specially like the simplicity of the white cowl.

  9. Your cowls look great! I finished some mittens for Al as she requested. I'll not use the lopi yarn again. It had NO give. Now I want to give SMITEEN mitten a try

  10. Karen as usual your knitting is lovely. Isn't it interesting that we knit several of a pattern and then all of a sudden it is time to be done with that pattern for awhile. I love the pattern in the bottom cowl. The checkerboard of knits and purls is such a classic. This evening I am finishing up my sister's birthday gift. After I give it to her, I'll post a photo. It turned out great.

  11. Your knitting is so beautiful!

  12. lovely hats and projects..i want to knit a scarf for a friend, but now second guessing myself on the yarn i got at michaels..dont know what yarn to use..i hate it when i put so much pressure on my self..simply stupid, but cant help it..i dont know if she would like the colors i have choose..
    take care


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