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My husband and son were in Italy last week while I stayed home and enjoyed a quiet house, you do know how much I love being home.  Anyways, I googled ONE yarn shop in Florence and sent the address to my son.  I gave the parameters of what I was interested in.  Fingering weight or lace weight, 100% wool or animal fibers. 

One day last week while they were in Florence my husband called and said 'okay, what do you want?'

Another knitter would have had the information burned into their soul!  We had a long detailed conversation then I asked to talk to my son who does some knitting to make sure I was being clear. 

I am thrilled with the wool and the color they picked for me!  I have about 1000 yards and could squeak out a sweater.  Super excited.  I love the rosary and notebook too. 

Sadly, I suddenly and I mean suddenly came down with a nasty sinus infection earlier this week.  I saw the nurse practitioner ENT who stated not only was it a sinus infection but my ear was full of fluid.  I started some meds but honestly I haven't felt this crappy in a long time.  My teeth hurt something fierce and I have a fear of dentistry so the aches make my worrying excessive.

I wanted to stay home and sit and worry today.  My sister told me firmly to go to the gym and exercise and be active.  She was right (I even told her she was right!).  Exercising broke the worry cycle!  Miracle, or maybe the prayers I said on my new rosary did the trick. 

I am starting to feel a wee better and I'm staying on tylenol for a few days. 

I picked up some handspun wool during the summer that is not in the data base on Ravelry. The wool has some alpaca in it and is delightful to pick up and knit. 

As you can see, I'm doing a cowl for me.  After I cast on 204 stitches I purl three rounds then knit three rounds and I'll repeat those six rows until the end of the yarn is near.  I'll end the cowl with three purl rounds before casting off. 

I wanted something squishy and brainless to knit!


  1. I do hope you feel much better. Your yarn pickers chose well! I don't know what "Irrestringible" means, but it looks like really nice yarn, just like that squishy alpaca. You've got some wonderful knitting ahead!

  2. Sinus infections can be miserable and I am so with you on worry about dental work. What a thoughtful son and husband to pick out a yarn souvenir for you. Feel better very soon. Enjoy knitting on that squishy cowl.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. Looks like hubby and son did a fantastic job picking some wool for you.

  4. That was so nice of them to buy you the yarn there and good you have lots of it for a sweater! I feel like Liam wouldn't know what I was talking about when it comes to yarn lol I love the color of the yarn and the other gifts as well. That is great you went to the gym, I feel like exercise is really good for that and I feel better afterwards and during. It is sometimes a struggle to get there though! Lovely cowl so far!

  5. oh I hope you're feeling better! your Florence souvenirs are lovely ... as is your latest cowl. Rest up!!

  6. Oh no! I truly hope you are feeling better soon! But, what lovely gifts! Have a good weekend XO

  7. Oh, so wonderful!!! I do hope your health is better and you are able to enjoy your days

  8. Oh dear! Hoping you are feeling so much better. I HATE sinus infections - they always bother my teeth as well (and the worry sets in). What wonderful surprises from Italy - the guys did VERY well!!

  9. Hope you're feeling better soon. I had that sinus/ear thing a few weeks ago. My inability to walk straight due to being imbalanced due to my ears was funny enough to almost make up for the sinus pain. Whenever I'd lean over, I'd fall over, and for a few hours 1 day, if I turned a sharp corner (say, walking down the hall & turning into the bathroom) the motion of turning the corner would make me loose my balance. It was crazy. Luckily it went away almost as quickly as it came on.

    Your cowl is gorgeous and your new yarn even more so! Happy knitting!

  10. Sometimes moving helps. Im glad you were able to chase the worries. Go for your easy knits especially if you are under the weather!

  11. I so hope you are feeling better. I am feeling poorly and my teeth and jaw ache, but I think that is because of my nasty cold not anything else. Here is to health days ahead!

  12. Oh I hope you feel better soon. I came down with a nasty throat infection a couple of weeks ago and haven't felt that ill in years. I know that sinus infections can usually make your teeth hurt so don't worry, you will be much better soon. Your guys got you some great yarn. I'm not sure mine would be able to do that. Enjoy knitting that pretty cowl.

  13. How fun to get wool from Italy! I hope you are feeling better and get over that infection soon.


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