Good morning!  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Well, I did but passively.  I thought that the commercials were a bit lacking and the game was sort of boring as well.  However, football is boring over all except for all the knitting I do!

This weekend was slow in the mornings and mid afternoons and then busier in the evenings.  On Saturday I managed to work on the SLEEVE of my sweater, yeppers!  I am onto sleeve knitting and it's wonderful.  I spent some quality time reading George Washington too. 

I've been sketching daily and I broke out the watercolors.  My brain aches with 'just do it' 'don't judge it' mentality.  I'm proud that I am continually showing up and just doing it.  I'm assuming I will see improvements over time.

Our son was here for an overnight stay on Saturday.  I am grateful he is only  1 1/2 hours away and is able to do this.  This coming fall he will be applying for jobs for 2020.  Who knows where he will be so I'm trying to stay in the moment.

We attended Saturday night Mass and afterwards, picked up dessert at the local bakery and of course pizza at the local pizza shop.  It's been a month since we've done pizza.

Yesterday we prepped for our Super Bowl dinner and friends came over.  We had a nice time. 

How was your weekend?

peek - two deer!


  1. The best thing about the Super Bowl was the knitting time! Honestly, it just happened to be on in the same room where I was knitting, but there wasn't much to hold my attention. Love that you're onto sleeve knitting and those deer!

  2. My Husband and I are not sports people or TV people for that matter but so nice to have friends over and enjoy food together! and knitting time is always nice! We watched the Waltons and I worked on my simple knitted scarf :)

  3. No sports fans here, but we watched TV (Netflix) and mostly talked and played with Mylo. I love your sweater and that you're sketching. I am trying to stay out of my head enough to even get started! Seriously, the criticism I heap on myself or the excuses I find (I am SO busy-not), but I have all the supplies in my hands and I'm going to go for it today. No excuses. Thank you for that.

  4. Oh...that sweater! On to the sleeve... YIPEE! What a blessing that your son is only 1 1/2 hours away that he can pop in like that! We had a good weekend also. Friday I did a bit more organizing in the bathroom. January was our month to clean the church so we started out Saturday morning doing that , ran an errand, hubby (dear as he is) suggested he take me out to lunch, and then we stopped at his brother's house and I had a nice visit with my sister-in-law and our little great-nephew. That afternoon we took care of getting our hams (that had been curing at my brother-in-law's house) in the freezer. Sunday was church, a special lunch when we got home, and I made a blueberry pie! So it was all good.

  5. I think we are not the demographic that advertisers are targeting. I thought some of the commercials were very poor, but they probably appeal to the millenials.

    I did like the NFL one where the gold football got loose and the beer commercial with the corn syrup.

    The game? Mostly boring with a very poor result. Can you tell I'm not a Patriot's fan???

    There WAS a lot of knitting. So THAT part was good. :-)

  6. No sports fans in our house. We did watch Victoria on PBS and I knit on my sockhead cowl while watching that. Love that deer "seek and find" photo - fun! You are so close to being finished!!!!

  7. The sweater is amazing, on the sleeves already. I loved to see the two deer peeking through the trees, wonderful photo.

  8. We had a nice pregame walk yesterday, our last for a while as the snow that started then continued and nobody on our hill is going anywhere till it melts. That may take a few days as it's in the twenties.....

  9. Terrific progress on your sweater. I like how you had a relaxing and nice weekend. We had gotten invited to my brother's but we passed on it. I had wanted to sew but ended up cleaning out here for CNY. I like how you're watercoloring. That's something I've always wanted to try and need to add to my list.

    1. Oh and thank you for the sweet concern. I got better after two Aleves. I had another headache last week but slept and took IB and was better. It's raining here since Friday so that's helped.

  10. We were at a friend's for the game, but knitting went with me. They always have games to go along with the show, so we played Commercial Bingo and Game Bingo. The "prizes" were things they were clearing out of the house. LOL! Hubster won a "Sleepless in Seattle" VHS and I won a Pastry Cutter. HAHAHAHA!

  11. I didn't get any knitting done during the game because I was at a party at my sister's house. Everyone agreed that this was the most boring Super Bowl ever...both the game and the commercials were boring! But we enjoyed some good food and good conversation.

  12. I am with you for that game being boring... but I did manage to knit a few repeats on my advent knitting! :)

  13. We too take it a day at a time. WE don't know where Zach will be next year. I just want him happy!!! We watched the game while I finished zach's tech mitten. I'm in that....what do I want to knit next mode....or should I knit the baby sock to finish

  14. Yay for sleeves! and children close enough to visit for meal (especially when they DO!) I'm in complete agreement about the Super Bowl. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have even watched except that it was in Atlanta. I did LOVE Gladys Knight (and that Marc didn't mind when I took my book upstairs after half-time)!

  15. The sweater is coming together beautifully!
    We had a very busy and fun filled weekend. I too watched the super bowl passively..


  16. Sleeves! That means you almost have a sweater. We did the upstairs/downstairs thing during the Super Bowl. He watched and I listened to an audiobook upstairs. I also had two nice long walks this past weekend. We had a few days of milder temps but back into the deep freeze this morning.

  17. that sweater is so beautiful!
    my weekend was filled with housework that I just cant get to through the week while homeschooling and as much outside time for the kids as we can - although its so hot here there has been a lot of rain so the kids get a little cabin fever if they dont get out enough. have a lovely week ahead.

  18. We weren’t very impressed with the super bowl. I was glad for the knitting time. But when am I not happy to have time to knit? 😁

  19. I am a big football fan and even I thought the game was boring. Agree with you on the commercials as well.
    Good thing we have knitting.
    Your sweater is looking fantastic love.
    Love the deer peek!


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