Setting Intentions and Showing up

This week I've focused on my creativity and making myself show up.  Do you do this? 

As you know, I read each and every single one of your comments and try my best to visit your space if you have one.  Some of you are avid knitters and some of you are wannabes.  Some of you are creative and some of you want to be creative.  All of us have felt something along the creativity spectrum and this is what I want to talk about.

Part of being creative is setting intentions.  I have set many goals for myself - rarely do I carry them out immediately.  I have sat on writing goals for more than a year before I wrote on a blank page.  I've done the same with spiritual intentions, knitting aspirations and lately sketching intentions.

For a year I've wished to draw and yet did not DO it,  I thought about it, dreamed about it and fantasized about it.  I've learned this is my creative process.  It's the beginning of something wonderful.

Some of you wish to be knitters.  I say, dream about it, fantasize about it.  Find blogs or sites that inspire you.  Create a Pinterest page and clip away for a rainy day.  Seek out a local yarn store, I guarantee you will find helpful people who will give you confidence and instructions on knitting.  You Tube is a fantastic place to find video tutorials.

As you can guess, this is what I did for sketching goals.  I researched, I Pinterested (is that a word?) and I planned my creative journey. 

I've watched many of you set sewing goals and you have made beautiful garments proudly worn!
I've watched some of you embroider freestyle and had me in awe of your colorful talents
I've watched you urban sketch
I've watched you teach yourself archery
I've watched you scale back on social media to find your creative voice
I've watched you create for others
I've watched you take breaks from your blogs for self care
I've watched you start knitting or crocheting
I've watched you buy a new camera or a new lens and brought beauty to your blog space

You get the where I'm going right?

Your pursuits inspire my pursuits.

Sometimes we purchase LOTS of 'stuff' to support our endeavors.  I never feel guilty about any purchases and I do spend money on yarns and lately art supplies.  I find that expanding my tools and resources makes me happy and it keeps local businesses in business.

I have wool that has been in my stash for years and years.  Will I knit with it?  I probably will but maybe not now.

I guess what I'm saying is don't feel guilty if you try a craft and you take a break or you decide it's not for you.  I have tons of cross stitch supplies in a box in my room that hasn't seen the light of day.  I have sewing supplies as well.  I favor my original kit lens to my camera instead of the one I bought.  Sometimes I use my phone for photography and leave the big camera at home because I do not want to lug it around.

So back to me, I've been showing up.  I've been focusing on being creative with my photography, drawing, knitting and my blog space.  Maybe it's the spring weather because I have loads of new ideas. 

Do you set intentions?

How do you show up?

What is stopping you from showing up?


  1. You've written a truly wonderful post, Karen! I'm not sure I set intentions or show up consciously; I just knit and know that I feel better when I do it every day. I used to feel guilty when I spent money on yarn and needles, but these are important for my well-being so no more guilt. Archery is still fairly new to me, but I really enjoy the feelings of strength, growth, and learning a new skill that I've gained. The list you've made is wonderful and reading it, I recognize the accomplishments of so many in our blogging community. You inspire me and I thank you for it.

  2. Your sketch of Frodo is adorable.

    I don't think I do set intentions regarding my crafting. I let the day tell me what I want to do.

    Other life areas, I definitely set intentions. Not that I always MEET them, but I try.

  3. What a wonderful post! Thank you. I am another one who just sort of lets each day unfold. No real intentions other than to enjoy myself. I'm loving your sketches - very, very nice.

  4. Wow! Lots of things to take in and kind of mull over in my mind for a while. It just so happens that I have set some crocheting intentions...and I am showing up for it. Hubby was just accepted as a vendor at a Celtic festival this summer and along with his beautiful Celtic scroll creations I am crocheting shawls to have on our tables, too. But you have named so many other areas where intentions and showing up never entered my mind before. Thank you for the inspiration and giving me more to think about.

  5. All.of.this! YES! It is little like telling yourself that you are important - important enough to make a priority! And, once you do - life is infinitely better. Thank you for sharing such a great post!

  6. This is a fantastic post! I do normally set intentions, but this winter I have just been winging it. I’m glad the weather is nicer because soon I will be able to move my paints back to my downstairs studio. I am much more productive when I can work down there! I love your sketch of Frodo!

  7. I've never really thought of it in such words, but it's so true that other's creativity inspires our own. If I find myself stumbled into a knitting blog, I feel the urge to knit. If I stumble into a homesteaders blog (like I did yesterday), suddenly I want to cook a delicious meal.

    This goes to my heart as well. I've set so many crafty intentions, but for such long time it just seemed like one thing or another, life was getting in the way of showing up...parenthood, illness, etc. I think for a while I just gave up trying to make any sort of plan. But things are better now, moving forward, and I can appreciate this reminder to keep going. :)

  8. Loved your little sketches Karen. I have been drawing and sketching in my journal and creating some pages to go alongside my INSPIRE bible. Its a journey that I am enjoying. Everyday is an adventure for me as I try to be creative in everything that I do.

  9. Hmmm am I showing up? AM i working with intention? Kind of . I Find myself easily distracted and taking all day to get to some things that should be done early in the day. Im working on how to stop clicking on things just because I have FOMO. Fear of missing out, my kids call it. STOP FOMO

  10. I'm trying to craft with intention as there is so much I'd like to do and get accomplish. LOVE seeing Frodo.

  11. Somedays my mind is so full of ideas and plans I don’t know where to start. Other days I am very focused. On the days when my mind is a whirlwind I try to list all those swirling thoughts in my journal. A list always helps me. I try to create everyday, it’s what keeps me sane. This is such a wonderful post and I love seeing your sketches.

  12. Thank you, Karen! this was exactly the post I needed to read this morning!! I've been struggling with comparing myself to others ... and what I've realized thanks to spending some quiet time listening to God (and reading posts like this) is that I need to focus on being my best self. and accept it.

  13. Maybe it was the harsh winter weather or my battle to get back to wellness but I am thinking more and more about the tragedy of putting things off. I don’t want to wake up and find that I have let life pass me by. So yes - I am setting intentions, pursing those intentions, showing up. Thank you again for such a lovey, thoughtful post.

  14. I'm a list maker at heart so yes, I set intentions. I write them down... and then I ignore them and fly by the seat of my pants each day. And sometimes while flying, I accidentally accomplish one of those written down intentions.

  15. I love this post. I also love the drawing of Frodo. I have been in a very creative mood lately. My work life has been so crazy. I think this is why, when I am off from work, I need to free my mind to something else.

  16. What is stopping me is time, but someday I will have more of it and then I hope to be more creative in many different areas. I thank you for this inspiring post. It makes me want to get up and start something new!

  17. What a wonderful post. I agree that the creativity of others inspires me. I see creative pursuits as both play and time away for adults. I need both in my life and feel fortunate to have time and space for them. I definitely show up for writing time. My intention is to show-up and then let what ever happens happen. In other activities, I often think about possible projects for quite a long time.

  18. What a great post! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Every word you and other readers shared I've thought, many, many times over. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that YES! we can do whatever our hearts dream.


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