Listing Gratitudes

Sure I could go on and on about the relentless dreary rainy cloudy weather.  How every single blessed day this week has been rainy.  How my hair has gone crazy with all the moisture in the air.  How I long to feel some tiny bit of sunshine that lasts for the day.  How I wake each morning, look out the window and let out a little sigh because it's raining again.  But instead of focusing on something that I cannot control (although I'd like to!) I'm going to focus on gratitudes.  

For all the thunder and lightning snuggles I enjoy when Frodo is frightened during a storm.  For eight years he was fearless and now as he ages he isn't thrilled with the noise so we snuggle.  For these pockets of time when I drop whatever I'm doing to give him some moral support. 

For gardens that grow with all this rain.  Every single plant that was bought off the clearance rack at Lowe's is thriving in our gardens.  Maybe if it was sunny and dry we might forget to water them and then they wouldn't do so well.  Maybe.

For zipper pouches.  I love pencil pouches, yarn project bags and any other little bag or pouch to carry my treasures.  I have a collection of tote bags from over the years.  I remember purchasing each one and how excited I was believing that tote bag was THE tote bag to end all other purchased tote bags....until I purchased another one....and so it goes.

For the times when my adult children visit and play the piano.  While they are playing, sometimes the music is a bit much, at bit too loud and music that is not my taste.  When they are not here, the silence is deafening. 

For washcloth knitting!  I consider the washcloth a perfect palate knitting cleanser in between knitting projects.

For scrappy knitting and using up all the half skeins and bits of previous projects that delighted me.  Sometimes I remember the projects and sometimes I cannot recall and look up the information on my ravelry notebook.  A trip down memory lane doesn't disappoint.

For learning new things and stretching my brain.  For being stumped on a Sudoku puzzle for nearly 5 days and I haven't given up yet.  Believe me, I've considered throwing the weekly Sunday puzzle away but then I think surely I can solve this, I solve ALL the Sunday Sudoku puzzles.  I can be tenacious in my resolve.

And lastly for the first day of Summer.  Surely the sun will be shining one day right?


  1. Karen you have reminded me that I have a lot to be thankful for too and for that I thank you. I need to remind myself to look for the positives and blessings in life. I am a fan of knitted/crocheted wash cloth, they make great little gifts with some handmade soap. Have a great weekend.

  2. We certainly have had more than our fair share of rain lately.

  3. This is such a good post Karen! I love little pouches and tote bags like you - I always *need* the next one I spot. LOL The rain has seemed endless this week, but there is also a calmness (for me) that comes with a rainy day. Last night we were sitting on the patio before dinner...our son was over and we all commented on how nice it was to sit and be dry, yet hear the rain and also commenting on how lush everything is and how it doesn't look like Fletch mowed the lawn earlier in the week - everything is growing SO fast!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. All of this... finding blessings in the rain puddles is sometimes a mighty task!

  5. Aw I get sad when it rains and rains and rains. Its Ok. Big hugs to you. Keep on knitting!@

  6. This post is a good reminder to find the good in everyday and be thankful. Thank you.

  7. Your twig basket on the table is beautiful! I am trying to list the day gratitude before going to bed every night giving me better quality sleep xx

  8. Good job on turning the Ughs! into Ahh's! Hope the sun comes out for you soon.

  9. Arh I love the photo of Frodo looking outside probably waiting for a break in the showers. We do indeed have lots to be thankful for, thanks for the reminder. Hoping you enjoy some summer warmth soon, cathy x

  10. You are so smart with that Soduku, such patience. I love seeing Frodo and seeing your watercolor paintings.


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