Butterflies and Summertime

Right now:  I'm noticing the beauty of summer.  Butterflies flitting, cicadas singing, abundant birdsong and a lull in the heat.  I'm focusing on the colors of flowers, the warmth of the sun and pushing back that tiny feeling when I wish for the next season. 

Right now:  I'm finishing up week seven of my summer break.  How can that be?  No matter whether I'm busy or bored, time flies by quickly. 

Right now:  I'm grateful for seeing the butterflies AND having the camera in my hand.  I went outside believing I'll be photographing the same old same old.  How lucky that butterflies graced my garden and I was able to capture their beauty.

Right now:  Our major garden overhaul has been successful.  Out of three butterfly bushes, one has died (heat wave with no water due to the beach vacation).  We will swap it out with another this week. 

Right now:  I'm grateful for the endodontist my husband saw who was fantastic, kind and efficient.  Apparently this year 2019 is the year of teeth woes for us!  All went well and all is good.

Right now:  I'm continuing a salad eating frenzy, looking for unusual ingredients to liven up my creations.  I've been buying pea shoots and they are great.  What do you put on a salad? 

Right now:  I'm grateful for morning routines.  I relish my time with coffee and my journaling and of course my prayer time.  Holly plays off and on while I wake up with the best frame of mind.

Right now:  I'm on fire with my knitting projects and thankfully my watercoloring.  I'm obsessing with 'just one more row' when I spend time knitting on the cowl or the baby blanket.  I believe that obsessiveness is what keeps me coming back for my knitting and makes me so very happy.

Right now:  I'm reading some great books.  Behold the Dreamers has been my physical book to read and I'm over half way done.  I love the story and the slow build up of drama.  The other book which I highly recommend is Poet X.  I gobbled up this poetry style book in just a few days.  So good, so full of feelings and hope and love.  It's YA and it's fantastic.

Right now:  I believe that Frodo is over with his fussing at night (fingers crossed).  I'm not the best person when it's after 7 pm, so I've been challenged with patience and encouragement with an animal who doesn't speak English.  We might be okay now, and for that I'm grateful.

Right now:  I can never get enough of my black eyed Susans.  So Very Pretty.

What is your right now?


  1. My right now is:

    Cherry tomatoes from Vera's garden and regular tomatoes from mine.

    Iced tea in all its incarnations.

    Knitting with intention --- working every stitch deliberately and correctly.

  2. What a nice post Karen!

    Right now I am at work...but plan to leave by Noon!

    For salads, I love to add sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, some olives, chick peas or black beans. Now I'm hungry for a salad. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Beautiful butterflies and lovely post! Right now I'm doing a lot of thinking, as I usually do this time of year. For me september is the time to start new things or to change things up and I like to plan and brainstorm for that in summer, but with all the uncertainty in my life right now, I'm having a hard time even to start planning the simple things.

  4. I love how it looks like your black-eyed-susans are all popping their heads up for a look around, and your lovely butterflies! My right now is new glasses! I finally got some with transitions lenses and I love them. I just want to run back and forth between outdoors and inside to see how quickly they change!

  5. It's so neat how you see so many butterflies. I hardly see any around here. My neighbors in back have a hummingbird feeder but I haven't see any.

  6. I am on a soft and liquid diet for a few more days. I had a thing removed from my tongue and the biopsy just came back : BENIGN!!! But wow it hurts were the ENT stitched it up. No salads for me.
    I love your butterflies. We have many more monarchs than usual and I'm not sure why, but I'm thrilled. My right now is very tired but very grateful. MY right now is also listening to zach playing the banjo upstairs ! love it

  7. My right now is wishing summer would slow down. Trying to enjoy every minute of it. Trying not to look too closely at the calendar.

  8. My right now is enjoying the progress we have made on the outbuildings and enjoying the process of now planning the interior layout. A lovely post Karen. I like a different salad each day for variety so different seeds and herbs from the garden are added.

  9. My knitting group meets at a coffee & tea shop and people keep ordering a strawberry salad that looks so good but weirds me out. LOL It's greens, strawberries and onions. It looks delicious but strawberries and onions together???? Anyway, my right now is trying to knit one more row before I have to leave for work.

  10. My right now - a rainy Sunday evening, casting on a pair of fingerless mitts, an empty out the fridge veggie stir-fry for dinner along with a sliced juicy nectarine and raspberries. When I want a salad to be more of a meal, I had sliced hard boiled egg. I also add sunflower seeds or slivered almonds. I like a wee bit of arugula in the greens.


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