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Good morning!  Thank you for all of your sweet comments about my trip last weekend.  I was a bit blurry with writing my post, I'm still lacking sleep and playing catch up.  But I am catching up! 

I started a new knitting project for the preschooler.  I am knitting her another tiny tea leaves sweater this time in a size four for her Christmas gift that has to be completed by the beginning of December.  I'm in a mini time crunch with all I want to knit.

My Christmas gift mitts are nearly complete.  I have the second thumb to complete.  I have enough yarn left over to maybe make another pair.  I also have some loose ends of previous skeins in the same wool that could work.  Today I will be digging in my scrap bag to see if the dye lots are the same.

My hat is finally at the body part of the fair isle pattern.  I chose to make a four inch ribbing band instead of one inch because I like to flip the band and double it up and I like a bit of a slouch.  Hopefully this modification will work.  So far, I only work on this project at babysitting, hence the snail pace of progress.

What have you been working on this week?


  1. You are making lots of knitting progress! I am on sleeve island and I fear I shall be there for a bit, but it will be worth it in the end!

  2. Your knitting progress is admirable! I feel my knitting mojo is slowing down. I started Alanis and feel it'd SLOW knitting.

  3. I admire how you plan ahead and work on holiday knitting well ahead of time! I've taken a page from your book and started a Rikke hat. It's fun and easy and I'm picture knitting several for Christmas. Thanks for the motivation!

  4. Not a knitter, but others in the family are!!! Big time!!!! -smile-


  5. Oh, I love the Tea Leaves sweater pattern. One day I'll feel up to tackling a real pattern and then I really want to make one. Somehow winging it is so much easier for me... I'm working on a few hats and a cowl.

  6. I think your doubled up brim is always the warmest way to go! I'm also knitting a thick hat that can turn into a cowl!

  7. Loving your projects, hope you manage to finish them in them in time! I hope your hat works with your mods, it is always a bit of a worry isn't it, will it work or not!

  8. Look at all the knitting! Love how many projects you have going at once ... and making projects on ALL of them! It's hard to believe the toddler is going to be a size 4 (already? so soon?!)

  9. I love little sweaters for littles. I've been having trouble staying interested in a project. I have my shawl to finish but have frogged my sock WIP and have stalled on my top WIP.

  10. What a nice group of projects. That small tea-leaves cardigan is going to be darling.


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