Happy November!  This month is my favorite because it's my birthday month. 

I've been reflective this past week on two quotes I ran across while toodling about on the internet.  Both have had me coming back to them again and again.

a dr. who reference

First quote:

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything" -Oprah Winfrey.

Do I do that?  Do I make the best of everything?  I'd like to think that I do.  But I'll be honest, in spite of my 'positivity' on this blog, I do have a dark side where I get jealous or envious of others.  My main jealous notion is of people who have family living in the same town.  Gah, I want that.

I get pea green with envy, and it can at times consume me if I let it.

Here is the thing, when I'm jealous, I'm miserable and my worst self ever.  Being jealous is a choice and not a fact.  So I work at my thoughts and feelings.  I work to focus on the positive.  It's not easy at times.

This past week I've been joyful with my knitting and my reading and my blossoming creativity when I sit and sketch daily.  Filling my days with these simple acts yields to moments of reflection when I am thinking good thoughts and thankful for all the bounty in my life. 

I am SO lucky and blessed and grateful.  This month is a gratitude month and I'm making the most of it to be thankful each and every day. 

The second quote:

"The mind is everything.  What you think you become." -Buddha

I have no words for that quote, just mulling this snippet of knowledge again and again.  I come back to it, think some more and know that I have room to work within myself.


Along with these two quotes I have two podcasts to share with you that have been delightful.

Welcome to the neighborhood: a Mister Rogers tribute podcast is wonderful, I grew up with Mr Rogers and hearing his words of wisdom has been contemplative in my daily movements. 

Sketching Stuff podcast is great for creative thinking.  Listening to Charlie as he enthusiastically talks about his sketching and what he is sketching motivates me in so many ways.  Of course in art but in seeing the world through an artist's eyes.  I'm including knitting artists too.

And for gratitude month, lovely Michelle is doing her gratitude week next week for free.  Sign up!!  (scroll down to the bottom of the post for the link)


  1. I am with you on longing for family to be in the same town! (I would settle for an hour drive at this point in time!) The envy is real. It is so easy to spend time wishing... but for me that is so not healthy. Sending you extra love today, my friend...

  2. Delightful to find some, who love November! Early Happy Birthday Wishes to you!

    Tasha Tudor said; "We all have a dark side, like the moon." My take from this is, that it is normal to have both "nice" and "not-nice," in our makeup. Certainly, it makes us happier and more peaceful, to cultivate the "nice." But I also like to remember, that humans are human. And not beat myself up, over times, when I dip into the "not-nice."

    That said... It's only common sense, that we will make our lives more peaceful and joyful, if we stay in the "nice" thoughts, as much as possible.

    It is reassuring to see all the movement, toward being content with what you have. And all that flows, from this attitude. And on the other hand, it can be almost painful, to observe 'Conspicuous Consumption.' Which is still all around us.

    But all we can do, is live our own lives.

    Ahhhh, out one of your windows, I see the same pool cover, that we have. We are so happy that we switched to this!!!!!! We've had the backyard gunnite pool, for about 48 years. And have had unsatisfactory winter covers. So, to find the perfect one, is amazing!!!!!!!

    And your last sunset photo, is simply gorgeous.

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  3. Hope you have a lovely November and Birthday wishes to you for when the day comes.

    I came across that Oprah quote recently too, it is a good way to think and be I agree.

    I hear you on having family nearby, at the moment I too wish that was so. My mum is four hours drive away on really busy roads so in reality it is nearer five hours most times. We don't see each other nearly often enough. I had a dream recently where I bought a really big house and they came and lived with us! I can dream right?

    I have just started listening to podcasts and they are amazing aren't they, I am off to check our your recommendations.

  4. I think we all share a far rosier picture of ourselves on out blogs, well that and all social media. I try to be honest but I did not write about the man who almost cut me off in traffic this week narrowly missing my car and causing me to swear like a crazy person. I did try to take a few deep breaths after to calm down. I did not write that last weekend Little Buddy had a horrible time and was driving me to want to rent him out to someone. I am usually calmer but with him coming off his meds it was just horrible. See we are all human and hopefully honest on our blogs. I have a bit of jealously of those who don't work and think they are super busy. I would like that luxury.

  5. The fear of missing out is something I battle daily. I have so many lovely things and wonderful opportunities and don’t really understand why I seem to want what is on the other side of the fence. I’m really trying to pay attention to that crunch this month. Thank you for always being so honest.

  6. I agree we all share the best of ourselves on our blogs. I envy those who have children and grandchildren nearby. At this point I'd settle for half a day's drive away and more frequent visits. I try to remember how fortunate I am that we have health and means that allow us to travel to see them now and again. It isn't easy especially as the holidays approach. I also focus on all that I have and the deep friendships that sustain me. My Mom, sister, and two nieces have November birthdays so I think it is a very good birthday month. Happy Birthday all month long. I love that sweet mug with the orange lining peeping out in the photo.

  7. I always love your Sunday posts and I'm especially happy to read one on a Sunday! Also, I love how honest you are with us ... and as one with family who lives in the same town, I know how fortunate I am! I wish I had more friends who lived close by. Wouldn't it be lovely to get together in real life to share a cup of tea and some knitting?!

  8. I love those quotes! The last one is something I try to remind myself of regularly.
    I can relate to feeling envious, but I'm also trying to work on it. This is my life and I only have one shot at living it happily, so I don't want to waste time comparing my life to that of others. But yes, it can be hard sometimes.


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