Gratitude List

Since Michelle is hosting a gratitude week, I thought I would list mine today.

-for all the sunrises I witness each morning and for the time change that makes the mornings a bit brighter for now.

-for the first frost last night and evidence of a snow flurry

-for the cold air so I can wear wool

-for all the knitting, past-present-future, that fills my heart with joy.  For new favorite mugs and old favorite mugs and the green tea I drink.

-for phone calls from the kids and hearing what they're are doing

-for dinner dates with my husband, lunch dates with friends

-for the preschooler who is delightful, funny and sweet as can be

-for Holly's bravery as she tries her best to sidle up to Frodo.  This is Holly and Frodo being together  in the photo above.  Frodo is under that ottoman to the right.

-for Frodo who sees the glass half full because he really really thinks he can catch Holly.  This will never happen, she is too fast!

-for new blankets and throw pillows for the family room

-for upcoming holidays where I will be with family (and my house will be full AND there is so much work to be done before that)

-for good health and all the happiness I have

- for daily sketching to improve my skills

-Ravelry and the many many rabbit holes I have fallen into seeing what I want to knit

-for that day almost two years ago when I found a nearly dead kitten on the side of the road

-for believing that one day these to might 'cohabitate' quietly.  Instead of the hissing and barking that happens rarely, but it's noisy.  Last night they were both full of energy!

Lastly for all of you dear friends, the ones that comment and the silent readers.  I appreciate you returning to read this blog which is nine years old.  I love to talk and blogging gives me an outlet to do so.  Thank you for listening.

What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful for a lot of the same things you mentioned. Having a pet is a BIG one for me. I guess I didn't know just how MUCH I wanted a cat until one showed up half dead on the porch.

    Must have been the weather last night --- Giroux had the zoomies too. He was crazy all night.

  2. Echoing Dee - my Gratitude List is full of many the things you list. I would add your blog as another thankful item. I enjoy reading your notes so much.

  3. What Dee and Vera and you have said. And I'm glad that Holly and Frodo are becoming friends. :-)

  4. What a lovely heartfelt post. So wonderful things to be grateful for. When we stop and look our lives are so rich in ways that we perhaps haven't considered before. Weirdly I was just thinking this morning that it was about time I did another gratitude post as it has been a long long time!

  5. Oh your lovely sunrises!!!! So lucky!!!! -smile-

    Lovely post. It's quite nice, to do such a pondering, now and then. Helps us not dwell in "oh-woe-is-me" mode, which is all toooooo easy, to do. -smile-

    Today, I am happy that my husband and I are celebrating our 61st Wedding Anniversary! Quite a lovely happening. -smile-


  6. Thank you. I am grateful for this post, which reminds me how many good things there actually are in my life !
    ( and I think Holly looks just too cute :) )

  7. This week has been such an amazing reminder of the tiny moments of gratitude that are all around us which we rarely notice! Your list is wonderful!

  8. I am grateful for your sharing these heart-warming gratitudes and for the joy they bring to you , your family and furries and us, your blog readers. Thank you for sharing, today and with every post you write.

  9. What a lovely post! I think I will join in too!

    I am thankful for my great teachers at school.
    I am thankful for my new yarn.
    I am thankful for my sister.
    I am thankful for my friends.
    I am most of all thankful for my new life in the Netherlands!

  10. I'm grateful for being two months into my new job.
    For the weekend's respite from it.
    For a comfortable couch to doze off on.
    For the book I was reading before I did that.
    For leftover pizza to eat when Rudi's away.
    And for knowing he'll come home tonight.

  11. What a beautiful little sweater! I'm quite grateful for the gratitude journal that I keep. We moved in with my MIL who has dementia last week and the adjustment has been a little frustrating. I'll admit that I've been quite the Negative Nancy but the practice of gratitude journaling has kept me sane and mindful that there is plenty to be happy about.

  12. I loved reading your list, there is so much to be grateful for. I would say mine is: for knitting that gives me peace, joy, and accomplishment. For blogging as it brings we so much joy and I love writing and sharing, for time with family and friends, for a weekend free of plans to get a lot done around my apartment and to contemplate my goals and plans. Hope you had a good weekend!

  13. I too am grateful for your heartfelt posts. I am grateful for friends via the web and the old friends from across the years. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for knitting and making and reading. I am grateful for a warm home, groceries in the kitchen, clean water in the tap, and electrical power from a switch. I am grateful for late autumn sunsets and the good health to walk almost everyday. This list could go on and on - I am so very fortunate.

  14. so much to be grateful for ... finding your blog, celebrating Holly and Frodo co-habitating and a shared love of little schnauzers (and toddlers), and mostly sharing our lives a few blog posts at a time. thank you!

  15. What a wonderful list you have here. I'm grateful for my health, my ohana, and for knitting.


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