How was your weekend?  Mine was somewhat productive, overall.  I had a blissful two days at home wrapping some gifts for extended family that I will be seeing soon.  I feel like I'm on top of my game, right now.

Saturday morning I witnessed a beautiful sunrise and also the moon still peeking as the day slowly started.  I will never tire of early mornings and the silence that surrounds me knowing that the whole day is ahead of me and I can do lots.

Sadly, I ripped out the hat and the sweater.  Yes.  Both were too big (who does gauge???).  I am very happy with my decision and know now that I am on the right track with both projects. 

In my defense the sweater is a drop shoulder design which I haven't knit in decades....so I'm going to blame my rustiness on that.  The hat, well I have no common sense when I started a large knowing full well it was a large amount of stitches to cast on for a hat in worsted weight.  I have no hat excuse.

With the ever so delicious greeniest green yarn I am making a cowl for me.  According to Ravelry I've knit this pattern four times but I gave three of them away as gifts.  So now I've set myself up with pining to knit this coveted cowl with obligatory hat gift knitting.  Wish me luck on giving both projects their due attention.

How was your weekend?


  1. Such a beautiful sunrise and such beautiful (on-track) knitting! My weekend flew by, but I'm trying to get all my chores done early today so I have the afternoon free for knitting.

  2. That is a pretty cowl pattern. Glad your knitting is back on track. I love these November mornings when the sun is just coming up (though not to be seen today - too overcast!!) and the moon is still bright in the sky.

  3. Love that green! Sorry you had to frog your projects but better now than after you'd finished them.

  4. You do have a beautiful morning view!!!!!!

    Great that you got those projects "straightened out." Now you can progress, as you want them to look.

    Sounds as if you enjoyed the wrapping also! Wonderful! For myself, I never did and thus, waited till the last minute. Silly, silly, silllllllllyyyyyyyy. -grin-


  5. Must have been the weekend for rip outs. I made a boo boo on my sweater and tinking back seemed just too daunting.

  6. Sunrise and early morning is the best time of day! There is so much potential for a day at its sunrise. And the still quite is wonderful (or maybe not so quite if there are a lot of birds nearby).

  7. I admire anyone who is feeling on top of their holiday game right now! yay you! also yay for realizing pretty early in the game that your hat and sweater weren't going to work ... I think that green yarn is going to make a perfect cowl for you. (I discovered that I favorited that pattern a while back, but haven't knit it ... hummm... I'm sure I have a skein of yarn -or two- that would love to become a Gray Loop!)

  8. too hot here over the weekend..hope rain is on the way and hopefully we will have rain this season..
    been working on shawls and hats..love it..i also ripped out a shawl, its no pattern just easy does it..but it was too loose, and since its for donation it needs to be a little tighter for warmth...

    take care

  9. Sometimes knitting just needs a good ripping out. The delicious green yarn is going to make the perfect cowl for you. Such a beautiful sunrise. Somehow the world goes on in spite of us. I like a sunrise when I see it but I have to admit I have more of a sunset than a sunrise body clock.

  10. I was distracted. All I could knit was flowers. But they are pretty!

  11. Our weekend flew by for some reason. I guess we just were unusually busy although we did spend quite a few hours with our GK so their folks could go to a funeral. Hope you're back on track with your knitting. Loved your sunrise photo as we are in the dark time of the year here with sunrise well after 7 and inching towards 8, that is if it even shows it's face!

  12. An early morning sunrise is so special at this time of year isn't it especially when the moon is still visible too. Hope the frogging means that you are able to find the right pattern for your wool, or continue with the same with less stitches. I have to admit that I rarely swatch either, I might check at some point in my knitting to see that I am roughly on track. Interestingly the only thing that I have made that is little tight on me is from a pattern where they expected you to knit a swatch, wash it and then measure!

  13. Sorry about having to frog. I love how you're able to see the sunrises and the sunsets from your home. I'm usually buried under the covers or holed up in the house to not see them and there are more houses around so the view is next to none.


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