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We walked every day this week except yesterday because of the winds and crazy intermittent rainy weather.  Today as I type this there are tiny snowflakes - what?  I remember one Easter when there was about six inches of snow and my spring dress with short sleeves was very lacking as we headed off to church.  Let's hope there isn't a snowfall this weekend.

I believe this is the first Easter I will not be with my family.  The first Easter I will not be physically attending Mass.  I will be watching virtual Mass on Youtube though, and it counts!  I'll be missing my family but you know what?  We will have other Easters and we will gather soon before you know it.  I am grateful everyone is healthy and safe.  I am hugely grateful for technology!

I have an Easter meal planned and of course we have some much needed Easter candy for the two of us.

I have phone calls, texting and zoom meetings to be with my family.  This will go down in my journal as a learning experience like never before and memories will be made no matter what. 

I finished knitting my orange sweater last night.  Today I'll bury the threads then soak and block the finished project. I enjoyed the knitting and the problem solving but I'm excited to not have  pile of wool on my lap when the weather is getting warmer (except for today...).

I don't know if I mentioned this but my son accepted a professor job at Purdue University in Indiana.  He will start his employment in August sometime.  I'm not sure what the timeframe of his relocation will be since the USA is on a pause button I'm assuming sometime in July.  So he will be 9 1/2 hours drive away from us depending on traffic. 

Luckily he will be in the same time zone AND we can see each other in Pittsburgh when he is visiting his girlfriend's relatives in southeastern Ohio and I'm visiting my family. 

We are happy he is happy.

I am knitting more than usual but I am not reading or painting as much as usual.  I need to reassess how I'm allotting my time and adjust accordingly this coming week.  I'm getting better at not reading the news as much.  That is a very good thing.

Frodo wants some social distancing :)


  1. I hope Easter is full of family and lovely memories for all of you. Congratulations to your son! Purdue isn't quite as close as Penn State, but I'm glad that it's not TOO far away. It does parents' hearts good to see their children happy and successful!

  2. Oh yay for your son! Congratulations to him. What will he be teaching? Your sweater looks so nice - I can't wait to see the FO pics. Fortunately I'm not seeing snowflakes, but our temps have dropped dramatically! The storms yesterday were wild. Happy Easter! Enjoy your virtual time with family and I love your attitude about it. There WILL be other Easters and we WILL get through this.

  3. I love the color of the sweater you are working on. It will be a different kind of Easter for sure! That is wonderful news about your son teaching at Purdue. Congratulations! Happy Easter to you!

  4. I have snow if you need some. This social distancing is putting a wrench in my celebrations. But everyone is safe and healthy so we are going with it

  5. Congratulations to your son (and to Purdue for getting him!!) May these Easter memories be extra special ones! XO

  6. We have been doing Mass via TV, YouTube and live streaming on FB. Not the same but still better than no Mass at all. Our parish is a totally going to live stream the Easter Vigil Saturday night. Since no one will be there for initiation, it should be a much shorter service . I remember back in the 80's, when we lived in Delaware County PA, we woke up to 6 inches of snow on an Easter morning in April. That is just so wrong lol. Congrats to your son on his professorship at Purdue. Your sweater looks so warm. Living the colors you chose too. Frodo cracks me up with his expressions. Stay well

  7. A big congratulations to your son. How exciting for him and a bit of good news in the week.

    Have a very happy Easter.

  8. I do not watch "the news." Once in a while, a trusted source.

    What good does it do, to keep on watch???? What can we do, but what we know to do, right where we are???

    And "should" we keep harming our own bodies, with a constant source of worry?

    If I was still a "Right or Wrong" person, I would think, it is "Wrong" to hurt our bodies, with bombardment of "news." Have you considered that? -smile-

    Gentle hugs

  9. Congrats to your son! I live just a couple of miles from Purdue--both my husband and I graduated from Purdue as well has our oldest son, who is now working on a PhD at the Univ. of Pittsburg. If I can answer any questions that your son might have about living in the W. Lafayette area, I'd be happy to help. I've been reading your blog for several years, but I think this is the first time I've commented. Your orange sweater is lovely, btw.

    1. Thank you Ann, I will definitely let him know he has someone to contact when he starts the relocating process!

  10. Congratulations to your son. I wish my kids had a 8hour away limit. Alas, They do not. Al is 13 hours by car. Zach is about 13 hours by flight and delays. I just can't get my head around it, so I don't. I text and call and FaceTime. :) Hugs

  11. Well done by your son, Purdue is an excellent school. Glad he will be closer. Love th sweater, you really have done a brilliant job. Stay sfae.

  12. Purdue is an excellent placement - yay - and I can't wait to see the blocked sweater! Our weather has been really changing this week/weekend, too ... sort of adds to the whole surreal feeling of this Easter. still, as my church reminded me #Hallelujah #HeIsRisenIndeed !! xoxo.

  13. 4/12

    Happy, Happy, Happy...πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ

    & Please keep blogging...!!!! πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  14. It is definitely a different Easter this year and it is so odd not seeing family for our Easter meals. I will be video chatting with family tonight during dinner and I have been messaging family today. It still feels like a special day. I agree there will be a lot of regular holiday dinners in the future this is just a weird one this year. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  15. Happy Easter. I too planned an Easter meal for the two of us. We watched church and enjoyed our Easter rolls with tea (me) and coffee (husband.) Yesterday I walked in shirt sleeves and then we had hail over night with snow flurries today. No matter, my dear ones are safe and sound. Congratulations to your son on his new position. At least he will be within driving distance.

  16. Back in the fall, who'd have thought we'd all be attending Easter services online? 2020 will go down in history, at least this part of it. I hope you had a nice Easter! We've been doing lots of walking here, too, and have had unusually nice weather lately. (My sis said it snowed 4" at their house in MN today!) Nice work on the sweater! If you go to my blog, you'll see what' occupied my time lately.

  17. Looking forward to seeing your finished sweater, I can't believe you have knit it up so quick. I am avoiding the news too, it is all too much when it is about the same thing all the time.

    Lovely news about you son, that must be such a relief to you to have him a little closer. I hope by August things will a little more settled and he will be able to move.


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