Summertime is in full effect this week.  Every day is hot and humid.  I am trying my best to not complain and to enjoy each day.  I am thankful for AC and for soft signs of the season to come.  Usually I am up around 5 a.m. and greeted by Holly the cat.  Lately the sunrise is an hour or so afterwards, so Miss Holly sleeps in a bit.  I eagerly await for her little meow 'hellos'.

My mornings are restful and contemplative.  I usually journal about the previous day and do some religious readings and prayers while drinking my coffee.  I write a gratitude list daily which makes my day start with the best frame of mind.

In the beginning of the pandemic, I missed so much of my regular routines:  going to dinner at a restaurant a few times a week, aimlessly shopping and seeing my kids whenever I wanted to see them.

Now I am content to not eat out, I have many recipes at my fingertips and ingredients in my fridge/freezer to pull off a dinner in a snap.  We do pick up a pizza every two to three weeks as a treat.  I bundle my outings so that I am not running around every single day.  Most weeks I go to a store once a week.  

My love of reading has intensified during theses days.  I sit and read for many hours, enjoying being lost in a good book.  I also bailed on a book two days ago that did not interest me after one hour of reading.  Unheard of!  I didn't like the writing nor the premise.  After a Goodread search on the ratings that cemented the idea of setting the book aside.

Last week I ordered new-to-me art pencils.  I've swatched them but haven't as yet used them.  Today is the day, I have a large block of time in the afternoon to sit and explore.

While reading a book today I am going to finish the second sock knitting.  Sadly I am disappointed in the yarn because there are blocks of light areas where the dye did not take.  At least that is what I think it looks like.  They will be for my husband more than likely.  

We made this chicken fajita recipe yesterday and it was delicious.  We had all of the ingredients on hand except onion powder which we omitted.  My husband would like to try cooking it on the grill next time instead of in a skillet.  

I scored 3 lbs of organic red lentils at our local health food store (none of the local grocery stores carry red lentils and I usually buy them at Wegmans which is 40 minutes away).  I originally went in for fake sour cream which they were out of but found the red lentils instead.  Of course, I also bought three bars of chocolate, a cookie and a hunk of asiago cheese.  You know all the staples of life.  

I hope your weekend is restful and you have a cool place to hide during the steamy days of summer, if you are in the summer season of course.

Thank you all who come to visit and who leave a comment.  I read all of your comments and enjoy our little community.  For all of you new readers -  Hello!  Thanks for following my little space.


  1. It sounds like you are leading a life as full of contentment as possible (and that is a tough thing to pull off nowadays)! I love your staples of life, especially the cookies. I hope you have a lovely weekend, full of all kinds of good things to enjoy.

  2. Gotta ask, what is "fake" sour cream? I have found my love of cooking again. Since we do not go out to eat weekly, my cookbooks and recipes from others blogs have made dinner time here almost fun. The fajita recipe sounds very yummy and super easy. Thank you for that.

  3. I have a bag of red lentil is the cupboard and I am planning to do some meal prep today while it is still cool. Lentil taco “meat” and black bean “burgers” Are part of the plan.

  4. Hi. I love this post. Thanks for the reading ideas. I am currently stuck in a very hard to read non-fiction that I hope to finish today, then I can read some great fiction. I already have some lined up on my shelf. Have a good weekend.

  5. Oh yum, chicken fajitas!! Love them. All of our grocery stores carry red, green and brown lentils! Our stores carry a lot of Bob's Red Mill products which is nice. It does sound like you are relaxed and enjoying life (despite the heat and humidity). Loved seeing the acorns - thank you!! I enjoyed Rules of Civility.

  6. I tthink you will LOVE Rules of Civility!! Your gentle days are sounding much like, humid, lots of inside time with books and handwork. The best of the best!!! Stay well, my friend!!!

  7. This pandemic has certainly made us all rethink our priorities, seems like you have settled into a great routine. I like the idea of a gratitude list first I tend to reflect later in the day. Glad you are settled.

  8. im not ready!!!!!! I want summer you, the pandemic has made groceries a twice a week or less event. I am under the fan on the porch and it is shady and humid and lovely. Baseball starts tonight for this Cub fan. IT IS A TONIC FOR ME! while i knit of course

  9. I would gladly have some of your heat as it seems to have run away from us here. We are having a cooler summer than our spring. Your days sounds wonderful. Starting with a wonderful mindful activities and filled with all those things that give you purpose and fill you up. I am glad to hear that you have found a new groove for yourself, now that you old one is no longer possible.

  10. We love red lentils! I'm making a new recipe with them this coming week from Vegan Planet, a book a friend passed on to me.
    Which book didn't you finish??? I really want to know!

    1. The Guest Book - I read 20 pages and thought I could read something a bit faster paced. It's just not the book for right now :)

  11. LOL, All those rusty colored pencils are not helping my very bad case of fall fever. I keep thinking a sweater knit with those colors would be so pretty. The white blips in the socks are a little weird, but I think I like them. Can't wait to see what you create with those new pencils.

  12. Yes, 'the staples of life'. lol Enjoyed this.

  13. Ooh, new color pencils! What a score!

  14. So glad you found the staples of life at the store. You sound at peace with your pandemic days and your routine. We are all finding our way through. Other than not being able to see my kids (which is a big thing) I realize how fortunate I am to have a nice comfortable home and plenty of interests to keep me occupied. Somehow I think we introverts were made for social distancing.


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