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Good morning!  Boy oh boy did I have a time with my computer just now, what a bother. Anyways, all systems are up and running and I am ready to talk about knitting.

In the midst of decluttering I still find time in my evenings to knit. I started a new shawl project a few days ago. The left over fingering weight wool is a bit of a mystery since I didn't keep the tag with the yarn. I am enjoying this simple knitting project. 

I finished the last Christmas stocking and the name has been duplicate stitched as well. I guess I'm getting better at duplicate stitch but I still despise doing it. This time I did not make any spelling errors, I felt quite proud about that.

Last up is the second birch leaf shawl on the needles, I'm enjoying this soothing project and the repetitiveness of the pattern. I believe it has fantastic stitch definition this time around.

What have you been working on this week?


  1. Lovely knitting! I started a new sweater that is happily, a mindless knit... perfect for end of day knitting!

  2. I'm glad you still have time for knitting while you're decluttering and packing. You're working on some lovely projects and keeping yourself happy at the same time!

  3. I'm another one who is happy you are still finding time to relax and knit. I love your two shawls. Gorgeous colors - both of them. And, congratulations on the duplicate stitch (not a favorite or mine,,,). I finished socks and a dishcloth and am now trying to concentrate on a shawl and the French Market Bag that I started a few weeks ago. I need to focus!!

  4. I still find it hard to believe that shawl pattern is easy. It looks so complicated!
    I finished a pair of socks and then forced myself to pick up a sock WIP to finish. I'm almost done with Noncho. When that's done, I'm going to pick out another WIP. I need to finish what I start!

  5. You have so much pretty knitting in progress.

  6. So glad you are still finding some time for knitting - enjoy!

  7. Hi Karen,!...two shawls at once...both are so pretty...and I love your stocking too...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. I'll bet you sure appreciate that evening knitting time with so much physical work during the day. Your projects look great. Congrats on getting all the stockings done.

  9. Your shawls just kill me. They look so squishy and fun to be working on! I may have to try moon river later. Ive been doing a very easy feather and fan shawl. I feel like the change in weather has made me very knit motivated. Heat......that does it for me....

  10. I love your knitting, such wonderful projects. Not much knitting here but I plan on changing that tonight.

  11. I think shawls are just the best project for calm soothing knitting. Hooray for the duplicate stitch on the Christmas stocking. It is always good to get those fiddly parts finished.


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