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I've got three projects going on at the same time and they each fill a niche in my life. First off is the Grandson's Christmas sweater that is almost done. I love how this is turning out and those sleeves are speedy knitting. I am thrilled to be working on December gifts so early in the year. 

Next up is this seashell shawl that is my tv knitting or talking knitting. I can do both at the same time and not make a mistake. I love picking this us and knitting on it, it feels so very soft.

Last but not least is this blue pullover sweater for me that is using up some gift yarn from my sister. One of her clients was decluttering her stash and so I inherited this yarn. This project is also a multitasking project. The yarn is a bit rough compared to the above shawl. I also do not know if I have enough yarn for the sweater - you know I love a bit of mystery while knitting. I figure once I use up one entire skein, I will have a sense of whether I have enough yarn or not. Also I can problem solve if I am slightly short. Ambivalence is my super knitting power.

What are you working on this week?


  1. I just got some yarn for some baby knitting and have started the first in a stack of washcloths. I also got yarn for a BSJ, but I really like the sweater you're knitting!

  2. I really like that sweater as well! Too cute!

  3. Your needles are busy on some big projects. Your grandson's sweater is such a cute pattern.

  4. Such a sweet sweater. I am very interested in the seashell shawl. I have some lace weight yarn looking for a place to be used.

  5. Oh, I love all of your knitting. That green is fantastic for your grandson's sweater. I really like the blue you are using for yourself.

  6. Ah - mystery when knitting. It is good to be adventuresome. All these projects look lovely.

  7. You are amazing. I think sweaters in 2 colors look just fine, so if you run out of blue you could finish the rest of it with gray.

  8. P.S. I didn't mean to comment as anonymous.

  9. Wonderful projects Karen, I love that sweater pattern and the blue yarn is a gorgeous colour. I love your knitting superpower!


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