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Once again, here we are sharing our projects. This week I've been working on the first sleeve of my blue sweater and loving the speed of a sleeve compared to the body shaping. I might be half way done. 

I am half way done on the first sock for my husband who doesn't know these are for him and yet I knit in front of him. He will be super excited to receive them since green is his favorite color. The pattern is memorized and I added four rows of knit two purl two and then four rows of stockinette stitch just so I can easily make the socks matching without measuring.

What are you working on this week?


  1. That is some lovely blue and green knitting! I'm enjoying a Hitchhiker with some self-striping yarn I've been saving.

  2. That's a great sock pattern! (I'm going to write it down because I can't remember ANYTHING these days - lol). And your sweater is so calming looking to me. Love that shade of blue. I'm slowing knitting on a sock, doing some stitching and a little reading. Work, though, is annoyingly busy!

  3. Those socks look great, I love the color!
    I'm working on another baby sweater. So fun!

  4. I love the pattern on that sock. You are really knitting that sweater quickly.

  5. Yay for gift knitting in plain sight! and for finding sleeve island a quick getaway instead of a slog. I love the lines of that sweater (and the color!)

  6. I love the color of the sweater. You are making good progress!

  7. Ha! I love that you can knit the socks in front of your husband. I am working on a second sock and a little embroidery project this week.

  8. The sock looks great. That will be a wonderful surprise for your husband.


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