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I am so excited that I'm on my second sleeve and over half way on that second sleeve. I had grand plans to finish this sweater on my weekend trip to Cambridge MA but that was lofty and impractical. I've been asked if I knit in the car, the answer is YES but I frequently zone out and daydream or take in the scenery. More often than not, I tell my husband how to drive which annoys him to no end.

I have lofty goals of having this sweater finished by next Wednesday but I know that I am sporadic in my knitting attention these days. Please send all the good finishing vibes if you can.

Below is a photo of the two skeins of yarn I purchased at Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge MA and so close to our hotel that we stayed at. I'm thinking his and her matching pair of socks. What a sweet little store that was jammed packed with yarn. I was in heaven.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Oh that new yarn looks luscious!! And, I really like the idea of his and her matching (sort of) socks - fun! Sending all the finishing juju your way.

  2. That new yarn is really quite gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. His and her socks sounds fun. The yarn looks scrumptious. You are so close to the end of the sweater. That fact should spur you on to finish it quickly.

  4. Such pretty yarn. Vacation yarn is fun!

  5. You are really making progress on that beautiful sweater! I love the new yarn and it will always remind you of where you purchased it! I hope you week is going well. See you again soon!

  6. That sweater is sure going to be a pretty one! I can see why you couldn't resist those skeins. What's your favorite sock pattern?

    1. It is a memorized pattern from before Ravelry and I cannot remember where it originally came from!

  7. That blue is so pretty and I can see his and hers socks being knit from that yarn. Sending all the good finishing vibes your way!

  8. I'm sending finishing mojo your way. I look forward to seeing your blue sweater finished. I find car knitting is a great way to make progress on a project. His and her socks would be very fun. How wonderful to find a little yarn shop close to your hotel. I love to bring home souvenir yarn.

  9. Oh, your sweater is coming along nicely. Cool sock yarn! We are headed to the Boston, MA area in October!

  10. I love that you had a yarn store right next to your hotel, was that planned by any chance??? Sending you good vibes for your sleeve which you may well have finished by now :)

  11. Love that yarn and your idea for his and her socks is inspired! I'm still not knitting, but I did add a few rows to the prayer shawl I'm crocheting and that feels good!


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