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Good morning! I hope you've had a fabulous week. My week was perfection, I spent each day catching up on all those tasks that were set aside for traveling. I'm currently sitting in my kitchen drinking my last cup of morning coffee before the day officially begins. The weather is deliciously cold (gah!). Yesterday was windy which turned warm air into autumnal breezes. The week's forecast is going to be cold, finally.

We had lunch outside on the patio probably for the last time earlier this week. Well, at least I had my last lunch, my husband might just sit out there in the cold clinging onto the dregs of summer living. He is so sad that autumn has arrived. I am not, I've been daydreaming of sweater wearing weather for about six weeks. 

Yesterday I focused on knitting and finishing the sweater, all day long and as you can see by the above photo it is drying after a little bit of soaking and mild blocking. My husband thinks Holly will sit on it, I do not. Who would want to sit on a wet sweater?

Once that project was officially off the needles, I promptly cast on a wee hat for my grand nephew for a Christmas present. Toddler knitting is just as speedy as baby knitting. I will blast through this project over the weekend. I also have some knitting ideas for our grandson as well. 

A few weeks ago, I bought some new fountain ink, 'Noodler's Polar Brown', from JetPens. I cannot get enough of writing with the ink. It sums up autumn perfectly. The changes seasons inspires me to knit more, write more and to reflect more. 

Have you started knitting for Christmas? What are your autumnal projects?


  1. It is blustery and chilly here! It feels delicious. We were going to have an outside fire last night, but it was way too windy. but we had hot soup and crust bread for dinner. Yum. And our son was here!

  2. It was such a refreshingly chilly morning! Yay autumn! Have a great weekend!

  3. *sigh* I thought we were heading into our "fall" this past week. But, alas, our 100 degree temps have returned. Look at you getting your Christmas knitting underway. I stopped doing Christmas knitting a few years back. Since wooly items are only needed for a couple of months here, it was not worth the stress. But I do love seeing everyone's projects the do for gift giving.

  4. Giroux! Giroux will lay on a wet sweater. And, not just once. EVERY.DANG.TIME! LOL

    I AM knitting a lot more with the cooler weather. It just seems right!

  5. It's definitely the season to get hygge...and use up some yarn. Two young mothers I know are expecting their 1st baby in November. One will have a baby shower in 2 weeks, so I have a hat to make!

  6. It was chilly here again today and like you I couldn't be happier. I have started knitting for Christmas. I have a hat on the needles for my DIL. I also cast on a pair of socks for my daughter. I itch to pull out some scraps or autumn themed yarn for socks but I know I'll be happier if I get the Christmas gifts finished first. I have to mail them so it pays to get them done early. And did Holly sit on the wet sweater?

  7. Our weather has cooled some and the mornings and evenings are nice. It's still in the 80s during the day, but that is fine with me. I am going to have to check out those pens. I hope you have a good weekend.

  8. I did smile at your line about you daydreaming about sweater weather for about six weeks. I know how much you love this time of year, enjoy the cooler temperatures and I hope they stick around.

  9. Although I'm not a fan of autumn and colder seasons I do love when the seasons change and there is a lot more options for outfits! It's spring here although to be honest it feels like summer and it's nice to be able to shed the layers, even as you are looking forward to adding them!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. No knitting happening here..
    I am over the weather being over 80 degrees but not yet ready for the cold either.

  11. Holly had no qualms about a wet sweater. I think she just wanted to be somewhere that she could tell I cared about? I was thinking about loading up a fountain pen again (I've been taking a very colorful break with Sakura gel pens) and your ink sounds lovely!


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