Hats and Mitts


Two weekends ago, yet it feels like last weekend, I went on a crazy knitting frenzy and whipped up TWO hats and TWO pairs of mitts. The bear hat and mitts are for our grandson for Christmas. I never get tired of knitting this pattern, I've made it many times.

For my grandnephew I made a car hat and mitts. He is going to be two years old in January and he loves everything that is cars and trucks. Let's see if he will wear a 'car' themed hat even though he hates hats! You never know with toddlers.

What are you knitting this week?


  1. Both of these sets are adorable!

  2. So cute and a reminder .............winter is coming. The car hat is adorable. I hope it works to keep a hat on the little one's head. Although, probably it will be taken off to look at the cars. LOL

  3. Those hats are so cute. Su h tiny mittens. Love wee one knitting.

  4. That bear hat is soo cute.... added to my fav list. Thanks

  5. Both sets are just darling. You are so right - you never know with toddlers. One minute he won't wear a hat at all and the next he won't want to take it off.

  6. Both sets are indeed darling! I love those little cars! (what pattern is that? I think Winston might need that hat!)

  7. Gorgeous! How can you not want to wear that hat......


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