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While I was visiting my grandchildren last week, I did not knit one blessed stitch! (and interestingly the residual wrist pain is gone....) So all the progress you see on this first sock is from Sunday evening til now. So far, I am not loving the color-way of this skein but maybe I'll change my mind. I do love the way it feels in my hand though. Also, I'm not sure if there is a repeat in the color-way so these will probably not be matchy-matchy socks. That will be hard for me to accept, I do thrive on socks matching.

What are you working on this week?


  1. But the waffle pattern makes warm, cushy socks!

  2. I can totally understand how you thrive on socks matching. I am the same way...but this sock is very nice.

  3. The colorway is such a subtle gradient. I like it. No one notice the pair is not 100% matching unless it is pointed out to them.

  4. The colorways we enjoy are interesting. I think it looks like a warm soft sock. Sometimes I like my socks to match but it doesn't bother me if they don't.

  5. Match-matchy is not important to me, but I know it is to some. I'm glad your wrist pain has diminished and I hope that continues. Better to spend time with the grandchildren than to knit.

  6. I personally love the color of the yarn and agree with Bonny, the waffle pattern makes a cozy sock.

  7. I have to have my socks match, it would really annoy me if they didn't!

  8. So glad your hand pain is gone; I hope it stays that way. I don't think anyone would be able to tell whether those socks match or not. What pattern are you using? I am being tortured by a shawl pattern this week, and it's in time out at the moment!

    1. it's a personal pattern recipe with a simple waffle pattern (knit four rows) (k2p2 four rows).


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