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Good morning!

How are you? How's the crafting been going for you? I am surprised that I finished these pair of socks amidst the stress of Frodo's illness, but when you are sitting with a dog for long periods of time you end up with some knitting time.

These socks are the last pair I'm knitting for my husband, but they are not the last pair of socks that I am knitting. I will be making some pairs of socks for holiday gifts this year. While the yarn was nice to work with in my hands, I did not like the super long repeat of colors and I found the colors too muted for my liking. 

In other news, Frodo is back to his old annoying self! He is slightly thinner than before and maybe a tiny bit fatigued. He is still on many medicines until the weekend but we are thrilled to see him acting like his usual self. Thank you for all the well wishes! He felt them and I am grateful for them.

What are you working on this week?


  1. I am so, so happy to read that Frodo is back to his normal little self! Sherman and I are cheering for him to be as annoying as he wants to be! :)

    I do like those socks... they seem like perfect man socks!

  2. I am glad that Frodo has recovered and feels well enough to be annoying! Count me as another fan of those socks!

  3. Finished socks and Frodo acting like himself. A double shot of joy for you.

  4. The socks are perfect man socks. So glad Frodo is doing better. It sure does worry us when our fur-babies are unwell.

  5. Glad to hear Frodo is on his way back! I tried to start a pair of socks with sock yarn and thought I was going to throw in through the window! LOL! Such tiny thread! UGH. Don't know about that. Hope you have a good rest of your week!

  6. So glad Frodo is on the mend ... isn't it wonderful that you have knitting to keep you both company! I've lost my sock mojo, but I started a baby blanket and that's giving me something to knit during evening TV which is good.

  7. I'm another reader happy to hear that Frodo is on the mend. You are ambitious to knit socks for Christmas gifts. I usually knit my daughter a pair as a gift but just one pair not several.


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