Buttons and Thoughts

I'm happy to announce that the sun is shining brilliantly today.  Sure it's cold out but those glorious rays uplift my spirits.  This morning I have a few chores to do and then I'm off to the gym.  Once I'm back home I will be working on some watercolor practicing and some knitting.

I'm stunned that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.  Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated Christmas?  I rarely give up a food like I used to when I was a kid.  I remember one Lent my mother gave up smoking (and she was an avid smoker back in the day).  For four days or so the whole family was tortured by her and her unhappiness.  If I'm remembering correctly she went back to smoking and gave up sweets instead, we were all relieved.

I used to give up candy but what's funny we didn't have candy in the house, so how was that a sacrifice?

Have you noticed the earlier mornings and the later days?  I have and my oh my spring is slowly approaching.  Even Holly (the cat) is watching the windows for signs of life.  I didn't know I was missing birdsong until I hear it return.

Yesterday I was searching for just the right buttons for my brown sweater.  After an hour or so of going through three containers of buttons I realized I would have to buy some.  Next time I'm with my sister I need to stock up on one inch buttons.  Apparently I collect small buttons!  I ordered some online yesterday and they should be here soon.

My grandmother had two big tins of buttons that I would play with as a child.  I would dump them all out on the floor and sort them by color or size.  This would entertain me for hours on end. Oh how I wish I had those buttons, they're vintage now. 

I found this card and gave it to my husband from Holly

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm back to my gym routine and healthy eating habits.  I've been striving for a salad a day during lunch.  Menu planning has gone out the window since my husband is working crazy hours lately.  We just eat leftovers from when I do cook once or twice a week. 

I hope where you are you have sunshine as well!


  1. We have sunshine here as well and it does life the spirits greatly!! I love your button jar! Have a good weekend!

  2. Sunny here too! And chilly! I have several jars of buttons and love going through them from time to time. Some were in a tin that my Mom had. (And, like you, I used to love to play with them and sort them.) Daylight time is definitely lengthening each day and it is so nice. I brought a salad for lunch today (that's twice this week!). Trying to eat a bit healthier.....

  3. I also loved playing with my grandmother's button tin, and I'm lucky enough to have some of them now. I still like to look through them, even if I'm not looking for buttons!

  4. I loved playing with my grandmother's buttons and she had a lot of them! My grandfather managed Woolworth's stores and if cards of buttons were damaged in any way he would bring them home to her. I have her button tin and a small wooden chest full of old buttons-I still like to "play" with them! I also have a children's book that belonged to my mother called "Our Button Book" that has little stories of how the children played with buttons from the "button box". Thanks for reminding me of good memories! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. Sunshine is so helpful! Have a great day!

  6. I love buttons so it was a delight to see your button jar. Sadly no sun here another storm has hit with gale force winds and rain turning to snow during the night. I yearn for a little sun. I hope you enjoyed your painting session.

  7. Oh, buttons! It seems we all have the same wonderful memories ;-) I think my mother saved my grandmother's buttons and she had a whole box of them as well. My children never played with them though (and now I feel like they missed out on something).
    Still, going out to buy buttons is fun too (though I usually think it's a bit overwhelming to choose from all the options).

  8. That yarn color is so beautiful!!! I love it.

  9. Yes, sunshine but cold...!

    Glad you are feeling so much better, and feel like getting back to regular routine. -smile- This makes your seeing-Spring, much more fun.

    I turned my blog look, to Spring today. -grin- Mostly because I needed a different Background.


  10. sunshine makes everything better ... I've been in a real funk and it was gone today when I saw the sun! I love that you have a button stash. that full jar makes me happy. I don't have anything like that (my mom doesn't sew and I think my aunt inherited whatever my grandmother would've left ..) so I have to shop for buttons EVERY time I knit a cardigan.

  11. Sunshine here today, but very cold. I love that variegated yarn that you have. I wonder what it will become. Glad you are feeling better.

  12. Enjoyed reading your post and reminiscing...on this sunny Saturday -albeit still cold - Saturday morning. Do enjoy the weekend and YES! The days are getting longer and there’re signs of buds on the trees...just 30 days ‘til Spring!

  13. I have been noticing some little changes like it is staying lighter outside later and this morning the sun is shining and it is milder outside which makes me think of Spring. It is just around the corner!

  14. The month seems to be disappearing fast doesn't it. It will be March before we know it. It is wet and windy here again, we have had a little respite from the constant wind and rain, but no blue skies which I would love to see.

    Glad to hear that you are craving salad that is a good healthy option for lunch. Sorry to hear the menu planning has had to pause, hope you can start it up again soon.

    I was hopping to find some buttons in my jar for a finished project but like you I had to buy some. I don't know if I am brave enough to buy them online, I always want to make sure that the colour is right and that they go through the holes!

  15. I too played with my Grandmother's big box of buttons. It was in a chest of drawers in her sewing room - really an old extra bedroom. The sun has been out here for a few days and today was a glorious 54 degrees. A good day for walking. Have a nice Sunday. I wondering about that pretty purple- speckled yarn. Do tell.

  16. I'm late to this post but it's sunny but cold with an even colder wind here. February is not giving up easy! I just love that purple speckled yarn. Since I'm reading out of order, I already know what it's going to be but I sure would like to know what the yarn itself is. It's beautiful!


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