Right Now

Right now I'm sitting in my kitchen with the overhead lights on because it is tipping down rain outside.  Oh my, another dreary day.  This winter seems to be the winter of dreariness.  Lucky for me I like to be indoors and knit away.  I've noticed that the days are getting longer and the light is changing it's angle during the day.  Spring is slowly slowly approaching.  Slowly. 

Right now I'm dressed for the gym but the rain is making me wonder if I really want to go outside.  I probably will.  It's good for me.

Right now I'm admiring the books I picked up at our local library book sale.  All the Penny books are for my sister in law who is collecting them.  I have all of them on my Kindle and read them on the treadmill, what excellent company to be in when I'm visiting Three Pines!  The top three books are for my mother in law.  That leaves the pile on the right that is all mine.  It was a great sale.

Right now I'm thinking about the elderly man at the book sale telling me all about how he doesn't own a computer, a cell phone and a credit card.  He was standing there with a paper notebook checking his lists.  (I was using my iphone checking my goodreads).  I'm not sure who was more efficient but I admired his 'unpluggedness' and happiness about it.

Right now I'm basking in how much I crossed off my to do list this week.  I had some lingering continuing ed that I finally sat down and completed (and passed).  My prayer list was mighty long and some prayers were answered and so those can be set aside as well. 

Right now I'm excited to start the second sleeve of my purple sweater hopefully this afternoon.  I'm knitting for myself for the rest of the month and possibly going into March.

Right now I'm thinking about Frodo and Holly.  Our house has been mostly quiet and they seem to have a rhythm to their days.  Once in a while Holly will come into the family room to sit and Frodo will try his best not to be obsessed.  He is tenacious and that is what I love the most about him.  He always sees the glass half full.

Holly understands all of Frodo's barks.  His silly barking when he thinks there is someone there and isn't.  Then there is the bark of 'alert! someone is here'.  Holly hides until that someone leaves.  Animals are so very smart.

In the photo below I asked Frodo 'where's Holly?'.  He is looking up at her cat tree (she isn't there, it was a ploy to get a good photo).  Isn't he a darling? 

What is your Right Now?


  1. Wow, you had an awesome time at the library - what a haul! I love hearing about how Frodo and Holly communicate with each other. and that Frodo is indeed a most handsome fellow :-)

  2. Love that last shot of Frodo - so handsome! And I love how Frodo and Holly communicate. Nice of him to warn her when someone IS there (so she can go hide). Looks like your library had a great sale! Hope your weekend is a good one.

  3. This is the winter of dreariness here also, but that is far better than the winter of endless snow. February downpours may set the stage for spring flowers? Congratulations on your book sale success; that looks like hours of reading enjoyment for lots of people. Great capture of Frodo!

  4. That's a great stack of books!
    I love that photo of Frodo. He's so cute!
    And that old man, living his life offline... I know I'd miss some things about being online, but it is inspiring! I do use a paper planner and a little notebook to keep track of my lists though. For me it's more efficient
    My right now? I have a cold, hopefully not the flu. But it gives me a great excuse to sit down and knit and read all day ;-)

  5. Love Frodo! I keep forgetting about the local library sale. My teen would love to go. What a disciplined, elderly man. I still use paper to check off my shopping list; I don't like taking out my phone b/c of phone snatchings - city trained here but it's less common or nonexistent here in the burbs. Holly's toys made me smile. I got the kittens some raffia balls and yarn balls from Target earlier this week. Mortie likes to hoard the toys on the teen's bed.

  6. I love your Frodo picture. I have to look into those Louise Penny books. I really love that Kate Morton book too. Your sweater is looking wonderful. You should be able to where it soon. Right now I am looking out at the dreary weather with the high wind warning and dreading having to go outside. Maybe I will do a little crocheting first.

  7. Awesome stack of books! I'm glad you can get some selfish knitting time in. I've been doing that the last few days... which explains why my right now is trying to read 3 days worth of email & blogs before bed. :)

  8. What a haul you certainly did well at the book sale. Great shot of Frodo. Right now I am preparing for the storm which is due to hit.

  9. Such a great post! Right now I am sitting at the breakfast table with my daughter and husband, smiling because I just finished the crossword puzzle before them. ☺️ Rambo is warming himself by the vent and it is a sunny day! ❤️

  10. Accomplishment is a delight...!

    Hope you escaped the Ice Storm.

    We survived our Ice Storm, with power intact. But many, were not so lucky.

    ⛄ ☃ ⛄

  11. I do rather envy that man his unplugged life, still we can have weeks or days as we choose. I love your photo of Frodo, its wonderful. How lovely to be able to watch and observe your animals communicating with each other.

    Right now I am enjoying the fire at the end of a day of rest, the rain has been lashing down and the wind howling we have been staying inside.

  12. Our library's sale is in the summer.. I look forward to it.
    I have read some of those Louise Penny books.. as well the the Kate Morton book you got for your MIL. So nice of you too buy a little something for everyone.

  13. What a great haul at the book sale. Those copies look to be in tiptop shape. Sometimes I order used books from Powells Books. They are quite honest and accurate when the describe the condition of the used books for sale. I haven't been to the local library sale for quite some time but I should keep an eye out for it. Right now? Early evening on a Monday. I'm catching up on blogs before I do the last set of back stretches and pick up my knitting.


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