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This past week I've worn a lot of hand made sweaters and it was glorious.  Being wrapped in wool is one of delights of cold weather.  I know many of you prefer summer and lots of sunshine but I thrive with chilly dark days. 

Along with the shortened days I've been contemplating on how to decorate the house while having a two year old cat.  I think she might leave the tree alone but I'm not sure.  Last year, I put up the smaller tree with ornaments that were safe and not sentimental.  My mom made a slew of ornaments that I treasure and since she isn't with us anymore, I cannot replace those treasures.  So I'm leaning towards doing the same thing this year, my reason being is that the smaller tree is easier to pick up if she knocks it down.....and she did last year.

This week I've plotted out what needs to be done from now until the holidays.  I prefer to do a little bit every day rather than waiting until the last minute to do everything.  I do not perform well under pressure. 

Holly the cat and Frodo the dog were 'playing' on Wednesday morning - there was a ton of barking and hissing going on.  Holly instigated everything and Frodo obliges with his rambunctious tenacious excitement. 

I have delusions of them being forever friends cuddling.  Right now they are forever friends at a distance. 

the tape on the couch to the right is to prevent holly from scratching.....

My knitting has been quite fun.  I'm working on a sweater for me, not sure I'm in love with the pattern yet but I keep plugging along - if I don't like it I will rip it all out.

I started hats for the adult kids (my daughter, son in law, my son and his girlfriend).  Worsted weight wool is speedy knitting wool!

Have you started holiday plannings?  Do you make gifts for others?


  1. Oh I like your Owl!! And I love the split hem on the sweater you are knitting for yourself - great color too. I haven't even thought about the holidays yet (except for realizing how fast they are coming upon us). I'm thinking I should make some lists (which I don't normally do) and plan out some things.

  2. I have thought about Thanksgiving but just can’t quite bring myself to admit that the holidays are just around the corner.

  3. Yay someone else who loves the cold of winter. I absolutely love the cold, which is just on of many reasons I would really like to move to Rovaniemi, Finland! The pains of cats and decorations! Cats just love getting into Christmas trees. My cat used to destroy felted animals. Cats are funny. I planned out what I would make as gifts for this Christmas a few months ago. I do this every year, I plan early and still manage to be working on projects for Christmas in December somehow.

  4. That owl looks great! I'm not really planning on making things as gifts (except a hat for my mother), but I secretedly want to make everyone a hat or something else that's small and easy. Just don't think I'll be able to manage that without freaking out.

  5. I'm also applauding and appreciating your owl! I'm finding much enjoyment in knitting Christmas gift hats; they are even making the commute from MD to NJ and back again enjoyable!

  6. Can you imagine how life would be, if you could not wear wool??????????? Not fun, I'll tell you. Well of course, with good old cotton, it's not all that bad. And acrylic knitting yarn. But seems everyone is knitting/wearing woolen items, in winter. -sigh- Not me!

    Wonder if anyone has such an allergy anymore? Don't see anyone but me, saying this.

    Ahahhhh, a possible post topic!!!!! -smile-

    I do not do well, under pressure. Have bad memories of Christmas' Past, because of this. Some time ago, I decided to rid my life of such. The Holidays are so much more enjoyable, now.

    And of course, if they are ever to be so, why not now???? -grin- If someone is my age, and is still putting herself in a Holiday Tizzzzzy, that is very, very sad. -smile-

    Good luck with your tree and cat!!!! Actually we never had any problems, with our cats. They simply loved to curl up wayyyyyyy under the trees. By 2, with luck, she may have become this way tooo. But! Don't try, on my 'say so'!!!! -smile-

  7. I've already finished most of the gifts I'm making (just a few) and have my ideas for other gifts, so I'm enjoying it all. I don't enjoy last-minute either!

  8. We are so on the same page you and I. I too have been advent planning this week too to make sure that we have down time and keep things simple. Love the gifts that you are making, I have made a cardigan, a hat and a game so far and still need to make one more hat and some christmas decorations.

    I have no advice re the cat and the tree combo but it seems you have that all sorted, hope your plan works.

  9. We don't do Christmas gifts, but I have been know to spontaneously give knitted gifts throughout the year.

    It sounds like Holly and Frodo have found THEIR perfect relationship.

  10. Well your fur babies will keep it interesting. My cats didn't even go near the tree last year. I think I sprayed it with bitter apple two years ago and it still works! can't wait to see your sweater

  11. I love these posts that are a little bit of all the things! There is a piece of saran wrap under our dining room table so Holly doesn't dig a hole there ;-) (I must blog about that!) ... and still impressed with all your gift knitting (and hopeful the sweater for you turns out ok!)

  12. The sweater sure is a pretty color but like you I'd rip it out if I didn't like it. That is the one of the best things about yarn. I never feel like I waste much yarn. The owl is very fun. I envy your drawing talents. I knit gifts for my sister, daughter, and daughter-in-law. Believe it or not they are all done. The hat and mitten sets for the grands are just love presents to be sent soon. I have been thinking about how to celebrate and enjoy advent and Christmas. Ours is a quiet celebration.

  13. I like the owl! and I LOVE cold weather!!! I am with you there! God bless you and give you a peaceful weekend!

  14. I am loving that owl, so perfect. I am trying to get on top of Christmas which is barreling towards us at warp speed. Your sweater is going to be beautiful.

  15. Oh boy do I know about kittens and yarn. Our two have jacked up a few balls and a new $38 set this year.


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